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  • UAMEE – Glock VS Makarov

    A COVID-19 hardbass đź…±ANGER: He didn’t even leave the stu.  It’s catchy, that’s for sure. Thoughts?  Leaving the song out of it, is “Glock VS Makarov” something that ever gets debated?  I like them both, but they are from a different era, and not really that comparable. Gat tip: MrCurtisConcepts

  • Stupid Holster Alert – The Audacity Of Carrying A Loaded Handgun

    A holster idea a one-product Spanish company thinks is so innovative, they named their company Eureka: R O F L Let me just put it out there that I see absolutely no reason for anyone to carry a modern handgun without one in the chamber. +1 for the good looking Spanish product rep / police officer, even…

  • Cokeman Makes A Troll Video Especially For This Blog

    In which he trumps the stupidity displayed in all of his other vids… Rather than feeling honored, I think i’ll jump in the shower and try to wash off this dirty feeling I have. Ugh and sitting on the toilet seat with pants on?  He will probably spend the rest of the week in those…

  • Makarov Trolling 101



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    I cringed multiple times during this: If you look through more of his vids, you can see that this guy definitely has achieved mega-troll status. This wasn’t the first time he shot indoors either. Ugh, that house looks so filthy. Not to mention the fact he just added to the filth by discharging 8 rounds…

  • Shooting A Makarov Point Blank At Books Indoors

    I know the whole “cokeman” persona is apparently an act.. but I want to punch this guy in the face every time he opens his mouth: Shooting inside my house is not something i’d do unless I had an actual range.  Whatever floats your boat though. He’s wearing dirty looking shoes, and has shitty carpet so I…

  • Nelson Mandela’s Makarov Pistol




    Finding it has turned into somewhat of an obsession: As a young freedom fighter, Nelson Mandela stepped out of a farmhouse hideout in South Africa, took 20 strides and dug a hole on the sprawling land.  He leaned over, put in a semiautomatic pistol and 200 rounds of ammunition, and carefully put a khaki uniform…