Makarov Trolling 101

I cringed multiple times during this:

If you look through more of his vids, you can see that this guy definitely has achieved mega-troll status.

This wasn’t the first time he shot indoors either.

Ugh, that house looks so filthy. Not to mention the fact he just added to the filth by discharging 8 rounds of 9×18 with not a care in the world for all the burnt powder etc.. that comes with it.


29 responses to “Makarov Trolling 101”

  1. overkill556x45 Avatar

    This guy will probably never shoot himself. Nope, he is the special kind of retarded that only hurts other people. Anyone want to guess how long until he guesses wrong about how powerful his firearm is and shoots the neighbor kid?

  2. ANY video by cokeman2423 is just ridiculous.
    He even shoots one (makarov) underwater (in a pool), and the slide flies right off.

  3. OMG. Cokeman is fucking douchebag. I feel ashamed for clicking play and giving him one more view.

    1. I second that.

  4. wow, sweet carpet.

  5. FunnyGunBunny Avatar

    Wow..nice trailer, bro… No really… I’m half expecting to see cockroaches and Funyuns next to a spilled 2-liter of Code Red…

    I gotta agree with Overkill…there is no chance this fucktard is ever EVER gonna hurt himself…it’ll be someone else, prolly with some AR15 variant, or something similar, that will draw attention to the “Gun Culture”…

  6. Youtube and ARFcom- a wretched hive of scum and villainy.

    1. Perhaps, but in all fairness… cokeman was being sarcastic about thanking ARFCOM, and was just being a complete troll.

  7. I suspect he lives alone (or at least was alone for these videos) in a very rural area, and I must say that the self appointed Grand Hall Monitors of the shooting community irritate me more than a lone troll.

    1. He’s probably a social experiment gone horribly wrong. Oh wait, that’s too PC.

      His parents FAILED.

  8. I shoot .22s in my basement because I have a silencer. Whats the big deal?

    1. retro_joe Avatar

      Not that there’s a lot of chance for it but you could conceivably get lead poisoning from shooting indoors. Not from the bullet but the lead based priming compound. Competitive .22 shooters who compete in indoor ranges often get yearly checks as it’s not unheard of without proper ventilation.

      But I’m also guessing you take a few more safety precautions than this guy.

      1. Well I don’t do it everyday thats for sure. I would say I have fired off 100 rnds in a 8 month time period. I definetly don’t make a habit of it or shoot towards the ground like an idiot.

  9. Sheesh. Another + for what overkill said.

  10. Hey Cokehead, or whatever your name is. There’s a vacuum in that room, USE IT!

  11. this guy is a stupid tool, but I just had to laugh at his responses to the comments of his last video. trolling jackass is trolling.

  12. While I’m almost tempted to call him an absolute fuckwit (shit, just did), that’s what he wants everyone to do. He truly is a master of the art o’ trollin’. But he’s going to be hard pressed explaining that to the police after he does something over the top retarded (I.E. shooting a kid by accident like overkill556x45 said.)

    “I swear officer, I was only trolling!”

  13. Cokeman2423 Avatar

    So are you guys ready for your video? its way more AWESOME! THAN EVEN THE LAST TWO LOOLOLOLOL


    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Bring it on Cokeman. Like I said on your youtube channel, it better be something good like shooting an AR15 indoors. This handgun indoors stuff is played out.

      1. I doubt he can afford a AR. He can’t even afford more 9×18 for his shitty relic.

        1. He has a USP in 45, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he could get a hold of an AR…

          1. Probley a friends. It’s not that hard to get a hold of a gun and claim it’s yours.

            1. SuperExpert Avatar

              He actually has SEVERAL AK variants from various companies, some handguns, a Mosin-Nagant and plenty of ammo for all those weapons.

              He’s playing dumb because he knows that the “safety obsessed” crowd will try to lynch him.

              I’m pretty sure he has done several test shootings in a safe environment before recording the “HEY GUYS, SAFETY CHECKING A MAKAROV ON MY HAND!” type of videos.

              Way to go cokeman!

              1. “safety obsessed”. I guess I don’t want even the remote possibility of shooting myself or others. Call me silly, but pulling the trigger on your own hand doesn’t classify as “playing dumb”. It simply is.

            2. How many friends are willing to let you shoot their HKs underwater in your backyard pool? I sure as hell wouldn’t, at least not without going first. :D

        2. farmboy7.62 Avatar

          I am not condoning his actions but he actually has a rather impressive collection of military small arms. Top of the line Ak’s, FAL, handguns and a pretty nice AR.

  14. Well, where he lives is evident from the mailing address he helpfully zooms in on….

  15. FrankieJames7 Avatar

    LOL! all of you guys are faggots, internet cops with no lives, obviously hes doing this for views, he knows all the faggots with no life playing cod games all day will get pissed, lol

    1. farmboy7.62 Avatar