Sons Of Irresponsibility – Blanks Prank

You have got to be kidding me:

That blows my mind.  Like we needed another reason to hate that awful show.

Someone is going to get killed, or kill someone with a stunt like this.


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  1. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    This happened forever ago Mike :C

    And this grinds my nuts. ” Someone is going to get killed, or kill someone with a stunt like this. ”

    Really? I mean, really? You’re going to assume someone’s going to get killed over a stunt like that? Firing off two or three blanks, far enough away from people that could potentially be hurt, advising that the viewers do not try this at home? Uhh…. huh.

    Also “Like we needed another reason to hate that awful show”

    If you’re so super serial over firearms that you want to frame up a show as horrible over stupid little things like this, you’ve got issues. It’s a TV show, meant to entertain. They build cool things, do stupid shit, and the end result is an all around entertaining show.

    Step down off your high and mighty pedestal, and just watch the show with an open mind. Hey, look, two M16 mounted together, watercooled on a boat with 100 round drum magazines. That’s pretty cool, i’m glad i watched that instead of doing the popular thing and hating on the show and refusing to watch it.

    To each their own, but it’s retarded to hate over little things and blowing them up to seem major enough to make the show un-watchable? Man card, hand it over. /endrant

    Ohey an uzi with a stock :D

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Oh I definitely have issues. I’ll continue bashing the show on here as long as they keep doing ignorant shit.

      If someone shoots an automatic weapon directly at you, do you wait until you track down all the bullet holes and ask them what their intentions were before returning fire? This is exactly the same stupid stuff that gets people killed, like pointing an airsoft gun on a cop etc… Firearms are not toys, and it’s reckless to treat them like toys.

      You’d think someone that runs a business such as his would have a bit more respect for firearms safety, TV show or not.

      1. That one guy Avatar
        That one guy

        “Oh I definitely have issues.” :D

        Yeah, it’s ignorant to mishandle a firearm, live or not, in such a manner. But there’s a thin line between dangerous and harmless. What he did was harmless. Bricks may have been shat, but nobody got hurt.

        As far as negligence inspiring negligence in general, there’s plenty of other things to blame for all the accidents involving negligence in the world. Far worse things. Imitating what happened in the Red Jacket shop that day is safer than, say, imitating something out of the Expendables? Or something you see on COPS? As far as specific inspiration goes, this is a safer thing to be impressed into doing by a TV show.

        Besides, it’s only human to learn from mistakes. You cant learn if you dont make mistakes. Someone has to make the ignorant mistakes :D

        1. Okay retards, go ahead and create an atmosphere in your shop where firearms are okay to goof around with. Lets see how long we go before there’s the inevitable negligent discharge.

          Blanks have gotten confused with live rounds before, and people HAVE DIED AS A RESULT OF STUNTS EXACTLY LIKE THIS. Just ask Brandon Lee, who was accidentally shot during the filming of The Crow . And that was on a movie set, were there is essentially no live ammo. If blanks and live rounds can be mixed-up there, imagine how much the chances of such a switch-up occurring increases when inside A FUCKING GUN STORE.

          Good God I would never, EVER, let any of those dumb asses near a sharp object let alone a firearm.

          1. That one guy Avatar
            That one guy

            I’m sure that incident on the set of the movie “The Crow” had something more to do with an unbreakable contract and someone wanting out because they’d rather be dead than have a ruined movie career :D

            And negligent discharge has just as much a chance of happening clearing your gun when you get home from work as dicking around with a firearm like in the show. Unprovoked accidents do happen.

            Also, what are the chances of a store that builds firearms to keep blanks and regular ammo separated and well marked? I mean, they are a business apparently. I’d imagine they’re careful enough with the ammunition to get away with doing things like this. They’re a little more adept with firearms than schmozers on a movie set since, y’know, they work in a hurr durr gun store.

            1. Are you suggesting Brandon Lee arranged his own death because he thought the film would flop? Even in jest, that’s pretty low.

              And it’s the perfect example of how someone can be killed through almost Final Destination levels of coincidence and minor mistakes, all building to that last pull of the trigger that kills someone.

              In Lee’s case, due to the low budget of the film, they had dismissed the armourer for the day and were relying on the propmaster instead. Mistake #1. They needed dummy rounds for one scene, and so made some using live ammo – mistake #2. They failed to remove or fire off the primers – #3. The actor then pulled the trigger and failed to notice the primer discharge – #4. Someone then failed to properly clear the weapon or check the dummy rounds, leaving a bullet lodged in the barrel – #5. Then again when the same weapon was used for a live fire scene – #6. Then the actor failed to aim-off when he pulled the trigger, sending the bullet into Lee’s abdomen and causing a fatal wound.

              Something like this is a small risk – is it a risk worth taking? Most would say not. Even if you assume we’re all overreacting, from a business PoV, it makes zero sense to show your staff doing this kind of thing on TV. It looks unprofessional.

              1. That one guy Avatar
                That one guy

                “Mistake #1. They needed dummy rounds for one scene, and so made some using live ammo”

                And that’s why Brandon Lee’s death need not apply here. That’s not just goofing off with blanks. That’s being retarded and MAKING blanks out of live rounds, which would obviously get them mixed up, and lead down a whole trail of Fubar. That’s taking risks on a whole other level, versus a completely safe prank in a shop using real blanks, and not even very many!

                It looks unprofessional sure, but it’s damn entertaining. And the show is about 70% entertainment, so it makes total sense to make an ass out of yourself on TV for entertainment’s sake. They do throw in some gun edumacation for good measure too.

                And of course i’m joking about it all being some intricate scheme to break a contract. I’m not THAT terrible lol.

                1. Dillankid Avatar

                  I’m with That One Guy. He probably didn’t even point it at his guys, shooting blanks into a wall isn’t going to kill anyone – if he puts live pistol rounds in there he’ll get pissed and have to fix some drywall. Even if he did point in their direction, w/e. I still like the 1919 SAW and 1000 yard AK ;-)

      2. Faggot. It’s no different than a cap gun we so gladly give our children to play with. The gun was designed and built to never fire or even fit live rounds. All RJF haters need to grow up. Losers!

    2. kvålseth Avatar

      For the record, Tromix, not Red Jacket, created the original dual-M16 fed from betamags.

      1. You mean Red Jacket did not come up with something original?

      2. christian Avatar

        They created the triamese with help from the guy who created the original dual M16.

  2. Every time these guys do something that a gun hater can copy paste onto the news and say “LOOK AT WHAT GUN PEOPLE DO!” they deserve to be slapped. This is one of those occasions

  3. Rule 1:Treat Every Weapon as Loaded
    Rule 2!:Never Point a Weapon at Anything You Do Not Want to Kill or Destroy!
    Rule 3:Keep Your Finger Off the Trigger Until Sights are On Target
    Rule 4:Be Sure of Your Target, and What Lays Beyond It

    I do not care if it’s my boss and we work in a firearms shop, point a gun at me and I hear shots I will return fire!

    1. That one guy Avatar
      That one guy

      I suppose you’re the guy who gets killed trying to be a hero when armed gunmen try to rob your local bank while you’re there?

      In fact…
      “I do not care if it’s my boss and we work in a firearms shop, point a gun at me and I hear shots I will return fire!”
      So you’re telling me that, if i hear shots fired, regardless of who or what is going on, i should return fire? Derp.

      1. WTF? He violated all freaking 4 RULES! You think Im a DERP, because if someone shoots at me I will shoot back? What ever…

        1. Can we at least come to an agreement that what this douche-bag did was wrong AND that he had absolutely no right to do so? Don’t employees have the right to NOT be scared shitless by they’re asshole bosses?

          You can’t convince me that, for a split second, these men didn’t fear for their lives. Just look at how jumpy the were afterwards, and how that one guy was still left shaking.

          If someone did that to me just for shits-n-giggles, I’d cave his fucking face in.

        2. That one guy Avatar
          That one guy

          I dont think you’re a derp. I think you’re trying to be the Hero in a Bank robbery situation. Which rarely, if it ever has, ends well.

          You go ahead and follow your 4 rules in that situation. Hopefully you dont die and irritate the armed robbers into killing more people. There is a time and a place to be a hero…

          1. Go troll somewhere else dickweed.

            If a bank I’m in gets robber at gunpoint I’m definitely going to use my gun if the opening presents itself. Because I’m not a worthless, piece of shit, douchebag who’s gonna stand around and let people be killed while I can do something about it. If you are, then i think you were looking for a blog about sucking dick and got linked here by accident, move along.

            1. That one guy Avatar
              That one guy

              “If a bank I’m in gets robber at gunpoint I’m definitely going to use my gun if the opening presents itself”

              Is different than

              “point a gun at me and I hear shots I will return fire!”

              It’s like i said, There’s a time and place to be a hero. And, trust me, “If the opening presents it’s self” i’d probably do what you would do.

    2. Hahahahahahahahaha tuff guy. I bet you wouldn’t.

    3. Terriligun: Move to another country then loser. You’re the biggest loser on this planet.

  4. I will allow one degree of “benefit of doubt” and say that the editing gives the impression that he pointed this firearm at his workers. Because, TV show or not, that guy would be his only employee if that was the case.

    But the idea that any variation of firearm: airsoft, replica, blank firing, or real; is acceptable to use for a “prank” is unacceptable.

    We are responsible for the future of our industry. Anything that takes away from the respect and responsible handling that firearms demand, should be ridiculed and made an example of.

    I appreciate the role ENDO plays in that effort.

  5. If there was a petition to have this show canceled…. Sign me up. I hate this show. Always have always will. Oh wow another retarded over priced AK variant, or a completely worthless conversion geared towards some over produced stunt, only after some drama and “reality TV” juvenile fit will the above truly make you sick. Way to go Sons of Jack-asses…

    1. That one guy Avatar
      That one guy

      “Oh wow another retarded over priced AK variant”.
      Oh wow, they’ve only done that once or twice :/. They make plenty of unique stuff on the show. So you’re just being ignorant there.

      “or a completely worthless conversion geared towards some over produced stunt”
      That i agree with. Then again, it’s hard to not question the legitimacy of what goes on during a TV show. Especially a Discovery Channel show. But worthless? Riiight. They’re just building stuff with no real intent of making a profit off of it. Y u so ignorant bro?

      “only after some drama and “reality TV” juvenile fit”
      Pleas point out to me an episode where anything remotely dramatic or reality TV like goes on. You’re describing American Chopper actually… xD

      You’re just a hater. And Haters gonna hate.

    2. Don’t forget the Saiga/M16 combo. Because these morons haven’t ever heard of either the Masterkey Shotgun OR freakin’ RAIL SYSTEMS.

      Is it wrong that I hope these people get eaten by bears?

      1. That one guy Avatar
        That one guy

        To be fair, that was only one episode. And they used a semiautomatic shotgun versus a generic pump action. It’s not the same. And Rail systems? I cant say i’ve ever seen someone slap a rail system on a Thompson before. And big whoop, you’ve named two episodes out of a whole season and a half.

        Also, you sir grind my nuts.
        “Because these morons haven’t ever heard of either the Masterkey Shotgun OR freakin’ RAIL SYSTEMS”

        Yeah, not every single thing they make is a 100% unique and original product. They make what fills a “customer’s” order. For a profit/TV show. Sometimes that means they have to be Unoriginal and make something that allready exists. But you gotta give them credit for making it at least somewhat interesting and putting a spin on it.

        Give. Credit. When. Credit. Is. Due. Or are you not man enough to do that?

        1. It just seems unnecessary, and because the stuff is custom made it probably costs more to whomever ordered it. It’d be like if you needed your car repaired and the mechanic made the parts from scratch instead of just straight-up ordering new ones. Wastes both time and money. I mean really, why does this show need to exist? Pretty much any modification or “customiztion” I can think of can either be solved by buying a new firearm or through purchasing conventional attachments. As a concept, Sons of Guns just seems to be a waste.

          I didn’t mention the Thompson dude, nor did I provide detailed critique of the entire series as a whole. I just was piggybacking off of jwhite’s comment. Decided to mention one aspect from the show that rubbed me the wrong way, because I’ve only seen one episode. I apologize that I have not watched the entire series. Don’t take it too personally, just try to calm down dude. You’re starting to sound like a Neon Genesis Evangelion fanboy.

          And you know what? If the customers really did order that stuff, then the customers are retarded. If you don’t like your Desert Eagle’s recoil, size, and weight, sell it and buy a different goddamn gun.

          1. That one guy Avatar
            That one guy

            That’s the beauty of firearms. Shit’s expensive yo. And i dont think price is really a concern to most of their Customers. If half of their orders shown on TV really are legitimate. Everything is down to taste as far as what their orders are. It’s a classic case of “It’s my money, i do what i want with it”. If i had the money i’d have them make me some awesome crap too.

            And see, this is the problem. You’ve only seen one episode. Watch a few and you’ll realize not everything they do is basic stuff. Heck, watch the episode snippets on youtube. That should be enough. And you said Rail systems. They kind of put one on a Thompson. And lol Evangelion. I havent seen that anime in forever xD

            Also, just because it’s different it doesn’t mean it’s stupid.
            “If the customers really did order that stuff, then the customers are retarded.”
            Or they dont give a shit and want something unique or different based on their personal tastes. I for one find a Desert eagle with a stock appealing :D

            Wait a seccond, dont tell me that’s the only episode you watched. The one with the Desert eagle. >.>, watch some of the first season and your oppinion will change lol.

            1. Flame war… *rolls*

          2. Im with you Poppy. ThatOneGuy watches to much of this crap. I’ve watche dpart of Season1 and select episodes and clips here and there, and honestly… Its crap.

            Hmm…. M1919 Man/hand portable.. “Why didnt you test the firing speed? does it even shoot? Come on now…Customers gotta test fire the guns first”

            At the end of that show they had some stupid green barrel water jub shoot out competition. One of the guys painted the damn thing green and that wasnt even requested. It was a “Red Jacket custom signature” or some BS like that. This show is retarded. Shall I go on?

            Well… above is an excellent example of HOW NOT to test fire a gun.

            1. That one guy Avatar
              That one guy

              All you’re doing is nit-picking about the show, and saying all the little things make it crap. :/ Haters. Gonna. Hate.

              You’re like a Battlefield fanboy, nit picking at Modern warfare and whining about why it’s a buh-million times worse because of stupid little things. Be a man. Stop whining.

              1. So are you saying that he’s right with the Battfield / COD reference? I’m confused now. Not that either of them are particularly “good” for their genre. They are just popular.

                1. That one guy Avatar
                  That one guy

                  A good 90% of what Battlefield fanboys point out about Modern warfare is little things. Little things that dont really matter. Same engine? Who cares. Still fun. Crappy graphics? Good enough graphics really. Stupid story? Doh ho ho bad company 1 and 2.

                  At least when it’s the other way around, there’s legitimate things being poked at. Like how Battlefield lacks a story entirely, or how it’s nothing but tailor made for online play, or the totally inaccurate weapon capacities.

                  … nit pick awayyy!!!

                  1. Representative Carolyn McCarthy Avatar
                    Representative Carolyn McCarthy

                    You are so dumb I cannot express how dumb you are. I’m assuming you’re a teenager. Hopefully one day you will look back at posts you made on the internet like these and be embarrassed at how dumb you were.

                    It’s okay kid, I went through the same thing too. I cringe when I go back and look at things I wrote years and years ago.

  6. edition30 Avatar

    That is just reckless, irresponsible, etc… I agree with ENDO.

  7. Having been involved and filmed in a reality tv show (Full Throttle Saloon), I will yell you right now that the producers and cameramen film all day and night and simply make a story by editing and cutting til they get what they want… I get a “feeling” that the producers are a little more obtrusive on this show…

    As far as the prank… Here’s my take: They create a blank firing “Hollywood” gun… He mentions the blank firing adapter needs to be opened up to get to cyclic rate down… Will is working on it personally…. No shop EVER has live ammo in it that I have seen…. He loads blanks in it personally… He aims it after the edit into the far corner of the shop… And squeezes a few off as a prank…. No firearms rules violated…
    Keep in mind that his Customer is using this for a movie… It MUST be safely used on set!!! So Will tested it in his shop safely….
    Get off the High Horse Please…. Some of the shit they do looks dumb, but this is nothing to get all knotted up about….
    Just my 2take: cents

    1. Now that is a reasonable argument. I’d still argue that the end result looks unprofessional, and that with any forward-venting blank firer, there is a risk of something entering the barrel and being discharged. Provided he really did aim off, he’s not doing anything that they don’t do on movie sets every day.

      1. +1 on that.

      2. The end result is just fuel for the fire of the “Why people shouldn’t own guns” party.

    2. That one guy Avatar
      That one guy

      This to everything you just said.

    3. Dillankid Avatar

      That was my first thought. Thanks for explaining so I didn’t have to…besides, you have the first hand “reality” tv that makes your points win :-)

    4. Well stated.

  8. “Firearms are not toys, and it’s reckless to treat them like toys.”

    That line right there says it all.

    I’m sure they went through all the measures to make sure it was safe but people watching don’t see that and it paints a negative image of responsible gun owners.

  9. All this hate…

    Hahahahaha if you saw half the stuff we did in the Infantry I guess we are derp too.

  10. How is this program still on the air?!

  11. I have said it before and I will say it again; gun people will turn on each faster than two sorority sisters who love the same frat guy. If you don’t like the show don’t watch it. So simple. As far as the show deteriorating society as we know it: when someone can document how the show has resulted in marked reduction in gun sales, some kind of firearms ban or the death of an otherwise intelligent person at the hands of another intelligent person, then I will make up a picket sign and stand in front of Red Jacket myself.

  12. Here’s the thing: while we, as a firearms owning community, may flinch a little at this, think, it’s all in harmless fun. It’s quite clear he’s pointing it at a WALL, not at his employees, so that even in the off chance that he did accidentally load in live rounds, they would ventilate a wall, not one of the employees.

    Most people who watch this show aren’t like us here at ENDO. They don’t have the 4 rules memorized. They watch it because the show is entertaining. They’ll laugh at what is honestly just a prank.

    And finally, this takes place on the SET OF A SHOW. Let that sink in. Everything that happened was just acting…nobody is going to suddenly fire off a burst of blanks in a location where NDs are entirely possible, and a very real danger. Everyone was very likely informed of what was going to happen, the cameras were started up, and they jumped right on cue.

  13. after seeing the clip where the customer brings in a desert eagle and they try to make it look like the girl that works in the shop is shooting it instead of the 9mm she’s ACTUALLY shooting I’m going to say there’s a good chance this whole thing was a setup, at least I hope it was. if he really did do that then he’s an asshat.

    1. +1 for this, more TV simudrama. Which is exactly why “reality” TV is not worth spending the time tuning it in.

    2. Andy from CT Avatar
      Andy from CT

      Yup, great editing there. The girl said on Facebook that she had to switch because she got hurt firing the .50

      The only thing the .50 does is launch brass straight back at your face. Kinda why I don’t like to shoot it but the recoil itself is not punishing. Yeah, I saw the Youtube vid of that anorexic chick getting clocked. Not defending the asshat who told her to shoot it but she was probably barely gripping it. Stephanie would have known better. I’m sure she saw that same damn vid.

      But I call BS on her getting hurt. She probably didn’t like the brass hitting her in the face either. I didn’t see a welt or an indentation of the front sight on her noggin anywhere. But the producers should know that gun guys would catch the Beretta in a heartbeat. And they did. Proper editing would have kept up the illusion.

  14. If you guys knew what was going on, you would know that he had converted the gun to only accept blanks. That was the blank adapter he was talking about. There could be no possibility of an accidental discharge as the gun would not chamber live rounds. This particular gun was being modified for a movie, as a working prop. The intention was that in the movie this gun would be pointed and fired at the actors. If he was not certain that the gun would be able to do this for his customer then he should not be in the business.

    Dickhead move, yes, funny yes, harmless, yes. If the employees don’t like it then they can find a job at a different shop!

    By the way I find the show to be very entertaining. As I find most Americans!

  15. On the one hand, I’m sadly unsurprised that people are defending Will’s actions. The internet is great in that it’s an open forum, and the firearms community especially attracts all sorts of characters. Sadly, people think that being tough or playing by “big boy rules” is a substitute for actually being safe.

    This actually is the sort of thing that gets people killed, but not because someone is going to shoot back. Rather, it creates an environment where firearms are not treated with the respect they deserve and instead with a careless indifference. Eventually, that attitude will lead to an incident of someone getting shot with an “unloaded” gun. “I was just showing him this new gun, and I swore it was unloaded…” is a story that gets heard far too often, and it’s heard primarily because people are too foolish and arrogant that even experts, and especially self-proclaimed experts need to follow the 4 Rules.

  16. It isn’t even about the moral or legal applications of discharging a firearm inside the shop, as much it is about being responsible. While sure, no one got hurt, and it is fairly unlikely to get hurt while discharging blanks inside of an enclosed space, it is still irresponsibility at its worst. Not only should these “professionals” not be engaging in this sort of behavior, but they should at the very least heed the warnings they administer along with their claims to be trained “professionals.” While this show isn’t the Jersey Shore of the Discovery Channel, sometimes it does share a likened sense of responsibility. The show, being only one of the mainstream firearm series on television, funnels in a lot of impressionable audiences. Like many gun enthusiasts have said, Call of Duty gives kids and young adults false impressions of combat. The same can be said about the TV show. No matter how it is cut, no matter how many warnings they display at the start of every episode, this kind of behavior serves to typify irresponsibility in its worst form; that of “responsible professionals.” There don’t have to be cartridges in a gun to make it dangerous. Every single part of a gun should be considered serious, and should be respected whether or not the gun is even assembled. While in this episode, it comes off as being just some horseplay in the shop, this kind of behavior is the reason why firearms are viewed so negatively by people.

  17. I look at this in terms of “Positive” vs. “Negative” gun culture. The political anti-gun climate in this country is because of erroded and removed “positive” gun culture. When shows like this and top shot come out, it’s great for gun culture…as long as it’s positive. How do you make it positive? Show that it’s not harmful to handle a firearm, show that it can be safely handled and controlled, show it in the hands of responsible citizens. Now, in that light, was the above mentioned clip (or most of that asinine show) positive gun culture that will help gun rights? HELL NO. While I don’t like EDNDOs constant harping on things, this is a perfect illustration of gun derptitude of the 39th degree. Mixing “pimp-my-ride” and guns is a cool idea but only if it’s got some integrity because yes, the antis are scouring the interwebz and cable shows for their …ammunition against gun rights advocates.

  18. While I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt that yes, the weapon was pointed at the wall, and yes it was converted to ONLY accept blanks, you also have to take into account that if none of the employees had hearing protection in a burst like that would severely damage their hearing. That’s how Linda Hamilton had suffered damage to her ears as a result of firing her M1911 off in the elevator scene of Terminator 2 ( about halfway down the page, middle paragraph.) While I’ll admit that some of the stuff they make does indeed look pretty cool (with the exception of the goddamned Thompson, and I know That One Guy will argue with me there :P) it’s stuff like this that makes this show damn near unbearable to watch. And you just know the Brady Bunch is watching this with raging gun-control hard-ons.

  19. I agree with jpcmt for the most part. I understand that “reality” tv is far from completely candid. The largest facet of this that I take opposition to is the fact that the level of responsibility that we, as gun enthusiasts, expect is just not there. Even if the footage were to have been cut and edited to a new, unrecognizable variant than the actuality of the event, it still does not dismiss the lack of professionalism that the clip sheds on the firearm community. If you own a gun shop, you had damn better exhibit some responsible behavior. That level of responsibility is multiplied TENFOLD if you have a television show on PRIMETIME TELEVISION. Arguing whether or not anyone was LIKELY to be hurt is completely arbitrary. Darwin said it best, “Derps gonna derp.” The key point here is that when this kind of negligence is broadcast to a major audience, not all of whom are understanding of the delicacies of firearms, it sheds a bad light on all of us. In a time of such erratic anti-gun lobbying, I personally would hope for a more responsible group to represent our views.

    1. I agree with your last point. In a state where the banishment of firearms completely is a looming concern(California), we have to tread lightly on this issue, and more often than not, this show is giving way too much firepower to the wrong people.

  20. Theblackknight Avatar

    I feel a darwin award in the making

  21. They went full retard.

    1. Next thing you know, before he opens up on them again like that he’s going to to say, “Thundercats! HOOOOO!”

  22. That one guy said this: “They’re just building stuff with no real intent of making a profit off of it.”

    Then he said this: “They make what fills a “customer’s” order. For a profit/TV show.”

    I read no more, he is a moron.

    1. That one guy Avatar
      That one guy

      Derp 6_9

  23. tactical face-palm

  24. I’m a Police Officer in East Baton Rouge and I’ve been on the “set” (range) while they shot footage for a few shows. First of all everything is staged, nothing is “reality”. All the “customers” are set ups and not in any way shape or form a real customer their to buy any of the ridiculous triple machine guns or grab ass rocket launchers….its all preset up and the “pressure” of the time line crap is bogus as shit. Hell, their “store” isn’t even open to the public without an appointment, what kinda gun store operates that way?!?!?!

    I watch the show sheerly to see a useless, over the top, weapon be made. Yes I agree they clown around to much and demonstrate bad gun safety issues like its going out of style.

    This is the “Jersey Shore” of Gun Shows….pure entertainment based on assclowns doing unpractical stuff.

    1. Andy from CT Avatar
      Andy from CT

      You just confirmed everything I suspected.

      I e-mailed them recently about creating a spacer for a 50 round .308 drum to .44 Automag as I currently have the only DPMS pattern AR-10 in .44 AMP in the world. The reply after a week was that they only work on guns listed on their website. “If you can dream it we can build it” my ass.

  25. I don’t care what any of you assholes say. Its the only show worth watching on TV right now.

    Its either that or all these ridiculous recovery/repo shows.

    p.s I have a bigger digital dick than poppy and rich on these interwebz COMBINED!

  26. Well at least he’s got the money to pay for their hearing damage too right?

  27. overkill556x45 Avatar

    I can think of two cases off the top of my head where someone was killed with a blank in or around my home town. One was a shotgun blank discharged at a party as a “prank”, killing a 15 year old. Another was a depressed man who wanted to test his fiancee’s love by threatening to commit suicide with a .38 blank. Both were contact distance or nearly so, but the point remains, a hot weapon is a hot weapon. Sometimes funny pranks end up making dead people.

  28. Andy from CT Avatar
    Andy from CT

    That One Guy, you’re sounding a lot like That One Troll.

    Yeah, Red Jacket is so innovative. The military went with the XM26 over the old shortened 870 because the 870 slowed the “swing” of the entire weapon. So Red Jacket puts a heavier than an 870 Saiga under there. Such genius!!! Front heavy much? There’s your Derp right there.

    Oh, and I love the reason they gave for the need. Because the entry team doesn’t want to have to switch to another weapon. Like shotguns make such terrible entry weapons. *rolls eyes*. If they are going to switch to the AR immediately as they stated on the show they could have fabricated a single shot which would be much lighter than the receiver of a Saiga 12. One guy with a 12 gauge on that entry team would have saved that department a lot of wasted money.

    The show is retarded. No two ways about it. But I’m thinking that TOG has a thing for the Derp. Because there’s a lot of it on that show.

    1. That one guy Avatar
      That one guy

      I’m not saying they’re innovative :/
      I’m just saying what they make is cool, enough so that it’s worthy of being put on a TV show. Mission complete in their eyes.

      And i do like a side of derp with my guns, derp makes guns unique. I’d buy what they make. A saiga masterkey? That’s pretty cool in my book, though useless in yours. You’d be the sort of man who would turn down owning the Doppelglock just because it’s pointless.

      Heck, by your logic, firearms should all be strict and built only to perform, with no personal taste or ideas in mind. Dare to be different. Dare to be derp.

      1. Andy from CT Avatar
        Andy from CT

        I guess owning the only AR-10 in .44 Automag on the planet doesn’t count? Or that I’m in the process of creating a .429 variant off of one of the AR-15 monster rounds, not to make any money whatsoever but because I have an inexplicable obsession with everything .429, that doesn’t count either?

        My one of a kind AR 10 and this new cartridge I’m developing for an AR-15 are for my own use. Many would think they are useless. I don’t care. But I’m also not trying to pass them off as game-changers or pretending to make money off of them.

        And no, I wouldn’t want the Doopleglock because it’s over the top silly. And I’d rather have an M4 with an XM26 because it’s less goofy and far less front heavy.

        It’s my opinion (yes, opinion) that they bother to make stuff that other guys don’t because of inpracticality. Those places who aren’t on TV have to create things that people buy and that usually means practical. Red Jacket clearly doesn’t care about practicality. And they are BY FAR not the only place capable of making/offering an AR-15/Saiga Masterkey. Other’s haven’t done it because they know it’s impractical and won’t truly sell to anyone except mall ninjas with cash. That goes for a lot of stuff RJ offers.

        1. That one guy Avatar
          That one guy

          “And no, I wouldn’t want the Doopleglock because it’s over the top silly. And I’d rather have an M4 with an XM26 because it’s less goofy and far less front heavy.”

          “I guess owning the only AR-10 in .44 Automag on the planet doesn’t count? Or that I’m in the process of creating a .429 variant off of one of the AR-15 monster rounds”

          “My one of a kind AR 10 and this new cartridge I’m developing for an AR-15 are for my own use.”

          “My one of a kind AR 10”

          “My AR 10”

          “AR 10”

          AR fanboy detected. Your opinion is invalid.
          Also, do hand in your man card for not wanting a doppelglock on your way out of the man club.

          1. Andy from CT Avatar
            Andy from CT

            Yup, I was right. You’re a troll.

            This custom AR-10 is my first. That’s right, my FIRST AR. It’s not even my favorite type of rifle. The FN FAL is. But you can’t do the same oddball stuff to the FAL that you can to the extent of the AR. And that’s not a compliment to the design. If the FAL had the same amount of manufacturers and parts available you’d be accusing me of being a FAL fanboy I suppose. So in one post you talk about unique guns personal taste and then you use the unique aspects of mine and what I’m doing against me. That makes you a troll and a fairly ignorant one at that.

            And I’m less of a man because I think the DoppleGlock is assinine and you think it’s awesome? What are you, 13 years old? Isn’t it time to go play Black Ops with your L33t buddies?

            1. That one guy Avatar
              That one guy

              I think you’re the first person i’ve ever seen who does not think the doppelglock is awesome. Asinine be it may, but it’s awesome nonetheless. And it’s on the same level of manliness as monster trucks and and wrestling and bacon. So yeah. You’re less of a man because you dont like something manly. That’s typically how the rule of the man club works

              And i havent said two things about the uniqueness of your cruddy AR-10/ammunition project. I just took a cheap shot and called you an AR-fanboy with how obsessive you sound over your project(You sound like a very dedicated AR fanboy anyway). Calling you a fanboy has nothing to do with the uniqueness of your project. Stop being so butthurt over sticks and stones.

              In fact, you’re the one flip flopping. In your first post you insult them for taking the unique/non innovative route

              “Yeah, Red Jacket is so innovative. The military went with the XM26 over the old shortened 870 because the 870 slowed the “swing” of the entire weapon. So Red Jacket puts a heavier than an 870 Saiga under there. Such genius!!! Front heavy much? There’s your Derp right there.” It makes you sound pretty no-nonsense about your taste in firearms.

              And then you proceed to bitch and moan about being unique and innovative once i call you on it: “Heck, by your logic, firearms should all be strict and built only to perform, with no personal taste or ideas in mind. Dare to be different. Dare to be derp.”

              Dont call me a troll just because you’re intolerant of others unique ideas, and easily butthurt over being called a fanboy.

              1. Andy from CT Avatar
                Andy from CT

                Troll, you’re not butthurt because people insult your favorite show? lmao And the fact that you don’t know anyone who doesn’t think the Doppleglock is awesome just reinforces your lack of years and experience around firearms.

                And I wasn’t trashing them for being innovative, Troll. I was trashing them for making impractical modifactions while considering themselves innovative.

                You need to stop playing so many video games, Troll and get away from the TV a little. When you grow up, Troll perhaps you’ll actually be able to own a firearm. Maybe when you get out of you’re parent’s house?

                Perhaps, Troll. Perhaps.

                1. That one guy Avatar
                  That one guy

                  Whai u somad brah?

  29. The “tactical training” videos that are sometimes posted on this site are ridiculous and deserve a beatdown.

    The over the top response to this particular video is laughable. During the course of one day in the Army, in garrison, I could do 300 more dangerous things than shooting a movie prop in a gunshop.

    It sounds like a bunch of girls in here, whining about Sally’s a whore because she is sleeping with your man.

    1. Andy from CT Avatar
      Andy from CT

      Apparently you’re a real man that likes to call internet posters whining girls from the safety of his keyboard. Yes sir, you most certainly win at internets!

      1. Lol, what am I supposed to do? Call you by phone or knock on your door? The internet, in this instance, is the primary means of communication. So I guess you lose.

        Of course, your point is equally valid for the hordes that beatdown Red Jacket Firearms via keyboard and internet.

        The point that is not valid is that firing a movie prop gun in the shop is worth all the rabid hate.

        1. Andy from CT Avatar
          Andy from CT

          Oh, I understand now. You think that this stunt is the only reason people dislike the show. I’d pat you on the top of the head if I could, junior.

          1. Don’t be condescending. It makes you sound like the internet tuff guy now.

            I don’t care who dislikes this show or why they dislike it. For the record I don’t like this show. But I don’t think what he did in that video was worth all of the outcry it has generated.

            I don’t think what he did was unsafe. That is the bottom line, is it not?

  30. Crunkleross Avatar

    Piss poor of the boss to do that to employees, he would probably fire them for doing the same thing. Then he makes fun of them, what a guy. If they weren’t on tv they would probably quit his ass.

    There are some places that horse play and practical jokes shouldn’t ever be played, any place with firearms would be one of those.

    1. It is a good thing Red Jacket employees are such tightwads.

  31. I say there is no problem with this as long as he’s running a blank adaptor.

  32. Regardless, I’ve watched the show a few times and think it’s pretty dumb. If you think it’s safe or not, do you think it’s a good idea to promote doing it on National TV, where people are going to try to imitate it? Another great video find ENDO!

  33. Crunkleross Avatar

    RedJackass 4.0

  34. Stephanie H. Avatar
    Stephanie H.

    They will build this in an upcoming show.

  35. Jeff Ramey Avatar

    the show and the dorks in the show are complete douchebags! the first 5 minutes of episode 1 was all it took for me to realize that the show was gonna suck and the people in it or douchebags. the only time i ever watch it now is when video’s are posted on here showcasing there douchebaggery. so my first impressions of the show was i was correct.

  36. All —holes have an opinion. LEARN, PRACTICE, Watch again. Not grandpa, dad… LEARN from QUALIFIED instructor, gun safety, and use. THEN choose.