Shooting A Makarov Point Blank At Books Indoors

I know the whole “cokeman” persona is apparently an act.. but I want to punch this guy in the face every time he opens his mouth:

Shooting inside my house is not something i’d do unless I had an actual range.  Whatever floats your boat though.

He’s wearing dirty looking shoes, and has shitty carpet so I suppose what does he have to lose as long as it’s done safely as possible.


20 responses to “Shooting A Makarov Point Blank At Books Indoors”

  1. This “professional” called the empty case the “bullet” and said he was doing this in his ROOM… He’s obviously an adult, but doesn’t have a home of his own? Is he living in his parent’s basement? LMAO. If only it were legal to remove people like this from the equation…

  2. I don’t want him as a neighbor. Kevlar walls? I don’t trust him.

  3. i cant stand the way he fucking talks. him and that TMHonfire faggot are disgraces to the gun community. you know its a sad state of affairs when they make a video together showing nothing but them bumpfiring and acting like idiots, and everybody says “WOW FUCK YEAH”, and when someone with an ounce of knowledge asks why they are acting like dumbasses, they get jumped on by all these youtube so called gun enthusiasts. ugh. rant off.

  4. I could not grasp the point of this video
    its not funny
    its not educational or informative
    it just looked like another idiot with a firearm.

    I only made it half way through

  5. I bet his mother was made he used all of her gardening books for this. When she finds out he is going to be grounded.

    1. That was “mad”

  6. Charles Avatar

    2:45 … “But I’m a professional so I can do what I want.”

  7. Disgusting…video and carpet….just another tool for the anti’s to use against us….thanks for nothing….

  8. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    If i had a Makarov i’d shoot it about in the house too. Opening bottles, cans, turning on the TV… it’s a tool for every day life! :D

    Also NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO why the herbs and spices? This man has no taste :C

    1. You don’t need to fire a Makarov to open a bottle. Just lock the slide back, put the barrel on top of the bottle’s cap, and lift up the edge of the cap with the front of the frame. It may be a shitty pistol and a shitty bottle opener, but for the HIGH SPEED LOW DRAG TAP TAP GOOD TO GO crowd that can’t afford the weight of a separate pistol and bottle opener, it’s perfect.

      1. High speed low drag guys don’t like Makarovs because you can’t accidentally hit the safety button while carrying it. Plus the 8 round capacity means you have to aim and the lower powered round means you have to aim well. Outside of those limitations the pistols are simple, functional and accurate. If the shooter does their job, the Makarov will do it’s job. I can’t imagine a scenario where the Makarov would not make a good defensive pistol, then again, I don’t consider shooting through barriers necessary for defense.

      2. That one guy Avatar
        That one guy

        I completely forgot about the Makarov having the bottle opening lip >.>
        My 1911 suddenly feels less useful now… Grrr…

  9. Critter Avatar

    it makes a darn good paperweight too!

  10. I think I like the fake Russian accent of the other anoying guy better. At least he’s more respectful when he talks. This guy sounds like he’s acting as though he has turrets.

    1. Oh, and for the record, I would’ve liked to have that book. I think we all would’ve rather seen a video of him offering the book for sale instead of shooting his mother’s book.

  11. armed_partisan Avatar

    He’s clearly an idiot. Note to all of you who want to make retarded videos for Youtube to prove to the world why you shouldn’t be allowed to own a gun: shooting a book is akin to burning a book. Shoot something worthless, like yourself. Don’t shoot books. If you’re so goddamned stupid that you can’t think of anything to shoot other than perfectly good books IN YOUR LIVING ROOM, you are unfit to live. These videos are worse than the idiots who buy new Apple products and destroy them, because the utility of a book (for the literate, not the people who make or enjoy these videos, mind you) will far outlast an electronic device.

  12. Antibubba Avatar

    How did I know, before he appeared on camera, that he’d look like a wigger, a suburban thug wannabe?

    Bad enough all the stupid demonstrated in the video, but he maligns the Mak, the most reliable semiauto I’ve ever handled.

  13. proud high point user Avatar
    proud high point user

    hmm so sad glad my high point will shot thur damn near any thing with these p+ rounds i got muh ha ha ha

  14. lone survivor Avatar
    lone survivor

    I guess he forgot to take his “meds” that day!

  15. Vhyrus Avatar

    One time my (now ex) roommate and I were chilling in my living room when he suddenly stands up, says ‘hey check this out!’, produces a p22 and proceeds to blow a hole in my phonebook which was sitting on the coffee table in front of me. Needless to say I was speechless for several minutes.

    Oh yeah this individual mentioned above happens to be a former marine.