Stupid Holster Alert – The Audacity Of Carrying A Loaded Handgun

A holster idea a one-product Spanish company thinks is so innovative, they named their company Eureka:


Let me just put it out there that I see absolutely no reason for anyone to carry a modern handgun without one in the chamber.

+1 for the good looking Spanish product rep / police officer, even though she obviously shoots like a total newb judging by the video.

-1 for the lame motorcycle drive-by shooting

This video gives you a better look at how the holster operates with different brands of handguns:

  • 2:04 – Oh LAWD.. did he just eject a live round with his entire hand in front of the barrel?  I sure hope that was a snap cap or an inert round; bad practice though either way.
  • 2:45 – Again… Sure doesn’t look like a snap cap.  Only hope now is an inert round.
  • 3:12 – Primer missing… I can rest easy.  (hahah I was actually going to delete these last 3 lines once I saw this, but I figured one of you guys would freak out in the comments too)

You might remember that the Russians have a similar holster for their Makarov pistols (Because the spetsnaz are obviously also so damn high-speed).  Theirs though you can push the gun straight through, unlike this Spanish one where you have to push down to load the firearm, then yank back up on it to get it out of the holster.  My guess is the “innovation” in this Spanish one which they think is patentable is that aspect alone.

In addition, what an absolutely excruciating logo they have (pictured right). LOL a glowing brain inside a globe, with blue lightening coming out of it.  ROFL I couldn’t even make stuff like that up.  I think I threw up a bit in my mouth.

Head over to Eureka’s website for the more pictures and info.



49 responses to “Stupid Holster Alert – The Audacity Of Carrying A Loaded Handgun”

  1. Take a look at the Beretta at about 3:26 in the video. It sits in the holster with the trigger guard uncovered. Glaring opportunity to insert it with the safety off and finger in the trigger housing, and AD it into the leg. Brilliant!

    Look at the 1911 when he draws it – comes out with the hammer down. How does he manage THAT?

    If a bad guy studied this holster design, and knew that the cop had to push down first, what advantage would that give him to immobilize the cop’s hand? From a speed standpoint, pushing down first gives the exact wrong impetus to the draw. Under stress, how much practice would it take to master this rig?

    If someone forgot to safe the weapon, what would the “opportunity” be for an AD when the user forgot to take their finger out of the trigger housing, and then pushed down to secure the weapon?

    Where is John Bianchi when they need him???

  2. @Charles I think the holster failed to cycle the 1911 slide far enough to bring the hammer to full cock. You can hear him cocking it manually before he turns it around! Stupid holster.

    1. Chad – I do not think so. Look again – the hammer appears to be in the full down position. My guess is that a holster that will work on a fat slide M9 or HK, will not sufficiently grip the slide of a 1911, and the thing slid down into the damned holster without cocking it. Just my guess…

      Remember that the 1911 will not allow retraction of theslide with safety on, so anyone using it for a 1911 would develop the discipline of NOT using the safety. Furthermore, if that is the case, how strong is the chance for an AD if the person inserts it into the holster with finger on trigger and safety off, after firing? As they say in Spanish, “oy vey.”

  3. I was looking..many times over..where was the gun? the holster? The Spanish woman wasn’t that bad looking.


    I’d still trust these guys over Buck Yeager anyday.

    With regards to the holster,it doesn’t sound like a bad concept to those that are opposed to carrying one in the chamber.
    Maybe their province/county/municipality/whatever doesn’t want them running around with one in the chamber?

    1. elephantrider Avatar

      All I could see were the huge ‘guns’ she was concealing in her sweater. WOW!

  4. Maybe they don’t TRUST their officers with one in the chamber… Maybe they should drain their gas tanks as well, when not on patrol… You kmow, that stuff BURNS!

  5. We used to have a holster like that in Russia, before any modern training methodology was introduced to the special units. Now having a holster like that is as good as having a tattoo on you forehead “I am so dumb that I probably should not carry a weapon”.

  6. Tim Ellwood Avatar
    Tim Ellwood, been around for years. The designer of this holster has been at every major trade show for it seems like the last 15 years. Patent was issued in March of 1997, so I guess it has been that long. No one bought into it when it came out and that seems like a long time to beat a dead horse.

    1. Maybe he is a representative of FFLDE, Foundation For Lashing Dead Equines.

  7. SittingDown Avatar

    Thumb break or nothing at all.

  8. Ian Easterly Avatar
    Ian Easterly

    There was an Israeli company did the same thing. Works great for them because they carry with a camber empty. Also, there was a prisoner transport company that had an SOP to carry with an empty chamber.

    1. My guess (and it is a guess) is that this is a direct response to some politically driven policy. Usually when you have innovation go in counterintuitive directions, there’s a dumb law in the background. Any Spanish police around here?

  9. Its dumb to carry an empty gun, period. It leaves you behind the curve tactically, and breeds an attitude of contempt for safety: after all, “its not loaded”.

    1. elephantrider Avatar

      overkill, You are dead on.

      Why start off with a non-functioning gun? You have to fiddle with it to get it loaded and functioning. That takes time, and there is a chance you may not get it loaded and fully into battery on the first try. To me this is just a variation on the old ‘Israeli Carry’ method. I guess their selling point is that this can be done one handed, but who cares.

  10. Is gun,is not safe.

  11. Dville Rocks Avatar
    Dville Rocks

    This thing looks as bad as the Phalanx holster and the weird dude who are at the NRA show trying to sell it.

  12. As I love quoting Buck Yeager, I won’t hesitate this time :

    “You carry a loaded gun, it’s dangerous. WELL I HOPE IT IS DANGEROUS !!!”

  13. As others have pointed out, it been around in various forms.
    Me likey the chica :)

  14. Stupid people making stupid products for other stupid people.

    Get real.

  15. If you don’t trust someone to carry a firearm with a round in the chamber, especially a LEO, how can you trust them to carry a firearm at all?

  16. If your department decides that you have to carry with an empty chamber, this is a good idea to get the gun into the game. *shrugs* Work within the parameters you are allowed to work in.

    And it beats the LASH and the Makarov holsters, because it covers the trigger guard, which is not needed while carrying (due to the empty chamber) but makes sense during the racking movement.

  17. Was there a holster and gun in that first video… all I remember is a giant rack.

    1. Dat ass.

    2. Yea! What holster!? Look at that gun rack and azz!

  18. Absolutely asinine. If you don’t trust your gun with a round in the chamber, you need to study the weapon design to build familiarity, get better gear, or get a different gun. Failing all those, you’re not up for carrying a firearm.

    Not only does that thing encourage a bad habit (running around with a gun not ready for action), but is even more unsafe than any number of quality holsters already on the market. Maybe it won’t cock the thing properly. Maybe the gun won’t get pushed forward enough to actually chamber a round. Maybe you’ll flub the first push, have to do it again, and try to get into a gunfight with not only a delay in unholstering, but also a double feed malfunction requiring you to clear it before defending yourself. Or maybe you’ll just end up chambering a round while failing to unholster, then something grabs the trigger and you shoot yourself in the leg.

    I just can’t fathom a situation where this is even remotely an idea worth consideration.

    1. Well, it’s “worth” the consideration of those who don’t trust the operator with a loaded gun. {: – )

  19. The woman is from a “Local Police” , municipal police forces under the control of local mayors concerned mainly with traffic control and with enforcement of local ordinances. I really doubt Guardia Civil or Policia Nacional will ever consider something like this.

  20. i like it, i will pick some up for my idiot friends just for chits and grins…
    I’m submitting this to our local PD since they can’t be trusted with anything more complicated than a slingshot…

  21. There is one place I can see this as a possibly not horrible idea. Normal stateside military base security. You have to turn in your firearm when you come in off guard mount. So there is a line 15-20 guys that just want to go grab a beer, having to cycle through a clearing barrel/round count check and tying up the armorer.

    If you could simply drop the mag and open the chamber, you’re out of there. Overseas, and combat zones — no. But in the middle of South Dakota the threat is extremely minimal.

    1. What a horrible ide an empty chamber is, especially there. Stuff hapens, no matter where you are, even stateside. Remember Ft. Hood?

      It also sets a horrible example for training for deployment. It makes you hesitate just an instant too long: “is my chamber loaded or not?”

      Every carrying environment should be “hot.” It is only when you develop a consciousness of a loaded gun, that you will always ACT like you have a loaded gun.

    2. “If you could simply drop the mag and open the chamber”…
      …which is what you’d have to do if there was a live round in the chamber anyway. So, since you’d be going through the same drill no matter if your chamber was empty or live… why not carry live?

      Or if this is really an issue, why not go back to what the military did back in the ’80s and earlier and procure a batch of Smith and Ruger revolvers specifically for the armed security guys? Hit the release, slap the ejector rod, show daylight through all six and six unfired cartridges in the other hand and it’s Miller time.

  22. So when you re-holster I guess you have to clear the chamber every time? That’d be annoying.
    Otherwise when you draw again you’d waste the one already in the chamber. Is that what that ejection port cutout is for? That’d also be annoying.

  23. I don’t get it.

    I can understand some people not wanting to carry a gun with a round in the chamber, but you have to rack the darn thing to get it out of the holster. Do they think there’s a danger they might AD the weapon in the holster or something?

    The only other thought I had was maybe if a bad guy got your weapon he wouldn’t realize there wasn’t a round in the chamber, but once again he’d have to actually rack the gun before he got a hold of it. I’m lost…

  24. shockfish08 Avatar

    I’ll give it an A for the innovative design try, unfortunately it fails for practicality.

  25. enfieldem2 Avatar

    Oh lord, I thought this was a myth! A guy at a gun show asked me about it and I replied, “I think the russians had something like this many years ago, but they outgrew such silly ideas.”

  26. Johnny Come Lately Avatar
    Johnny Come Lately

    The “Spetsnaz” push-through holster was first, and cooler.

  27. I still can’t fathom why someone would walk around without a round in the chamber!

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      I bet they also believe racking the slide will cause a criminal (intent on breaking into your home and possibly seeking to rape and/or murder you) to freeze in his tracks, wet his pants, and beg for his life. It’s all dream world sh!t. It’s a lot like people who think an active shooter scenario will deputize them because they have a concealed carry license.

    2. R.Neville Avatar

      I dunno, maybe ’cause they think it’s to dangerous?

  28. czbeardly Avatar

    Dat as… damnit someone beat me to it… well, about that holster. I do not see the point of it, then again I am a IPSC shooter, and my friends in the Swedish Law Enforcment does not see a point with it either. Police here was only allowed to carry with unloaded chamber, until this year, now they can roll loaded and locked. However, she was quite the looker :p

  29. Cuban Pete Avatar

    Leave the Spaniards to build steel blades – they’re the World masters. Guns? Not their cup o’ tea. It’s like letting middle-school kids play with them.

  30. Huge boobs + Fat ass = a terrible video that I actually finished watching… LOL

    fucking stupid idea!

  31. SittingDown Avatar

    The holster than leaves nothing to chance….except weapon retention and extraction. LOL

  32. except for the chica with the fine shape these vids were a waste of time.

  33. FarmerJoe Avatar

    I missed something. There was a holster and a pistol in that video? I’m confused (and slightly distracted)

  34. R.Neville Avatar

    The hoister is idiotic, but somehow I’m strangely deluged with the desire to train her to handle a gun better, and in low light.


  35. They could’ve, at least, picked a chick who actually knows how to shoot that doesn’t have a five-head. It couldn’t be that, hard, could it?

  36. i think the idea behind this holster is to prevent someone nicking your sidearm and shooting you with it, if the have to cock the pistol first then you have a few seconds to either try to retreive your weapon or run for cover especialy if they dont relise that the pistol isn’t loaded

  37. What if, and I’m talking from experience here, you’re in the military and deployed. You’re in a fire fight and running low on your primary m4 ammo when you get your left upper extremity disabled by incoming fire, you finish your last mag and switch to your side arm, a Beretta m9 and pop off a few shots. Now it’s time to switch mags in your 9 mil, but for some reason, the slide didn’t lock to the rear of gun after ejecting the last round. Maybe it was from excessive wear and tear on parts that the armorer should have replaced, maybe the weapon got hit on something when I waschanging positions to cover for a reload. But the slides closed and I can’t cock it after loading a fresh mag using all the tricks I know. Trying to use the boot heel, the ground, edge of the wall, all I could do was lie and wait for help. If I’d had this I could have continued to fight, and to release the weapon without cocking the weapon you only need to slightly push down on the pistol releasing the retention device. Now, having lost my left arm and wanting to competition shoot I’d need this to be able to cock a pistol, I can rig a prosthetic to cock my ar-15, I can shoot my bolt gun one handed, but pistols have been a problem evver since. As far as carrying with one in the chamber, I’m all for it, if you can legally do it and conceal it. In my state I can only open carry, without a chambered round.