Cokeman Makes A Troll Video Especially For This Blog

In which he trumps the stupidity displayed in all of his other vids…

Rather than feeling honored, I think i’ll jump in the shower and try to wash off this dirty feeling I have.

Ugh and sitting on the toilet seat with pants on?  He will probably spend the rest of the week in those pants too.  Sweet mother of god that guy is dirty.

Trolls gonna troll..


72 responses to “Cokeman Makes A Troll Video Especially For This Blog”

  1. If retard was an art, this guy would have an award named after him.

  2. This guy is going to become a bad news story; one more bit of stupidity that hurts sane gun owners but won’t dent the psyche of a guy who is downgrading the reputation of trolls.

  3. MEGATROLL status is right. He loves the attention, and will likely keep making more videos that get dumber and dumber until he either hurts himself or someone else.

    1. The more you guys bitched the more we (hyenas) agreed that we would collectively make the gun community look bad. No one ever beats us. So it was pretty much ‘shut up’ or we will give the liberals ammunition. You guys shut your cocksuckers :)

  4. I really hope thats a clever looking shoot house, not his actual home.

  5. I bet he goes blind soon from this shit and not just cause of the masturbation

  6. ObsidianOne Avatar


    Also, I want that 3 minutes and 12 seconds of my life back.

    1. Definitely not, you can see the new holes in the books after he shoots if you look closely.

  7. without “trolls” ENDO-Mike would have no blog.

    1. Or police brutality. lol
      Though I’d rather have the trolls.

  8. How can you house warm a trailer? It’s not a house, it’s a tin can with furniture inside!

    1. i warm mah trailer by leaving the door to the kitchen open when i’m cooking meth.

  9. I like his taste in music.

  10. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo… no more Cokeman videos! I’m disappointed.

    1. Lance, weren’t you in this video at 0:23?… :P

      1. LOL Yes, that was me and I’m ashamed to have my name is such a video.

  11. hkschalldampfer Avatar

    Two things: 1) Nicest single wide in the park. The paneling on the walls just brings out the Jerry Springer fan in all of us. 2) I’m going to go ahead and nominate this guy to be a future recipient for The Darwin Awards.

  12. Steve in Delray Avatar
    Steve in Delray

    Wow, good thing no one requested he play Russian roulette.

    1. lmao. No seriously.

      Maybe we should though. You know, cull him from society some way? Just please nobody recommend death by cop or something.

  13. dude, this guy’s mom is gonna be so pissed when she gets home and finds spent casings all over their double wide.

  14. I demand registration and government oversight of all video cameras! Apparently any idiot can get one.

    1. NikonMikon Avatar

      I demand you stop being a huge retard. This mentality is what gets us our awesome gun laws we have now. Clearly he’s not going to shoot at shit without testing it outside first. Quit being a huge faggit.

      1. I demand that you learn about sarcasm. And I am guessing your Mom & Dad were 1st cousins.

        1. NikonMikon Avatar

          I’m guessing you’re a butthurt safety sally too. By the way my father’s lineage comes from Ireland, my mother’s is Korea. Highly improbable they were ever first cousins. Fucktard.

          1. Good one. Now go to bed you have school in the morning and you know how cranky you get if you don’t get your sleep.

            1. NikonMikon Avatar

              I’m sorry good what? I wasn’t making a joke. You must have low cognitive ability. Employ more brain towards digesting my comment and less towards making a witty response.

              1. Uh oh. I guess we forgot to give you your meds before bed. Just concentrate and try not to act out.

                1. NikonMikon Avatar

                  Uh oh. I guess you forgot to stop being a huge faggot. Just concentrate and try not to act like a huge faggot.

                  1. Trolling is a art

                    1. With all NikonMikon’s focus on alternative lifestyle’s, I think he is trolling for something…

                2. NikonMikon Avatar

                  You’re not funny or witty. Just stop.

                  1. How about everybody realize enough is enough. Neither of you are being terribly witty. Although calling people a “huge faggot,” now that demonstrates tremendous wit and a clear command of the argument.

                    You’re both being obnoxious at a point some time ago.

                    1. NikonMikon Avatar

                      I call it like I see it, he is a huge faggot. It’s a VERY simple S.O.P.

  15. Well there goes the resale value of his trailer… if there was any to begin with

  16. In the first “across the room shoot” he shot through his target and hit something (a holster?) on the wall. Once he figures out he can shoot straight up the rain is going to start coming in.

  17. safegunuser Avatar

    can we stop giving this guy views now? this video has over 2,000 views. I would like to stop supporting him and other idiots like him.

    I much prefer the training videos that get picked apart and the instructors trying to justify themselves.

    Thanks for the gun videos that make me laugh and cringe.

    1. Yuo..

    2. I vote to stop showing him just because he has crossed a real line. Next he will strap those books to his chest or head and shoot himself. We should not give suicidal people attention like that.

  18. I’ll bet this guy’s coworkers at McDonald’s think these videos are awesome.

  19. He’s going about this all wrong. He should have fired off an M107 loaded with API’s, and followed that up with throwing the Makarov in the toilet, then firing it out of the fresh hole in the wall.

  20. my coment about his sweet carpet shows up in seconds 24 through 26. this guy is a mega troll. don’t feed the trolls.

  21. Does he miss his target and shoot the wall at @ 1:12? Watch the thing on the wall swing.

    1. Dillankid Avatar

      It looks like he hit the coil on the note book just to the right of that ugly thing hanging behind it…probably left a hole in the wall :-)

  22. I think this video would be pretty strong support for requiring an IQ test before being able to purchase a firearm.

    1. hkschalldampfer Avatar

      I think this option would be counterproductive for multiple reasons.

  23. would have been better if he had actually been taking a dump. lol

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Well he probably has dirty toilet germs all over his pants if that’s any consolation.

  24. God I was hopping he shot himself.. So his training would kick in and he could call his mom.

  25. ENDO-Mike, in some weird form or undeniable fashion… I believe you have unwillingly arrived.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahah I can never go back now.

  26. someone should recommend he get in a pool and shoot a 30-06 under the water.

    1. That’s an awesome idea! +100

    2. …recommend he get in a pool and shoot a 30-06 under the water.

      I’d recommend he point a shotgun at himself and pull the trigger; he’s doing our species no good.

      1. Actually people like him give me a desire to improve my own short-comings in general, albeit they are nowhere near his level of maturity or lack of level. I think people like him ought to have access to firearms until a he breaks a law, or a court ordered mental-analyst, as a representative of his state, decides he is mentally unfit to own such. Such is the price of liberty, otherwise we don’t live in a free country.

        Personally I think he gives liberals an excuse to blame gun-owners, as they’ll look at him and think, “Oh my gosh*, look at how crazy this guy is!” So that’s bad, but in my opinion it just proves that they are extremely biased and uneducated as a whole on most if not all firearms issues.

        *Because most liberals don’t actually believe in God, Chuck Norris, or morals anyway, outside of enforcing and coercing others to their own.

        1. NikonMikon Avatar

          Are you guys really that dense? He’s NOT SERIOUS. Read his youtube profile for crying out loud. Gullible people up in here.

          1. Trusting written words versus actions?
            Trusting what one says versus what one does?

            Are you suggesting that Obama is still a worthy leader of the United States? Because given what you’ve said, I’m coming to that conclusion. Does this mean Obama is trolling us? Say what you like. I’m for freedom. ;)

  27. If you feed the troll he grows.. Kill him and lets end inbreeding TODAY!

  28. What? I’m unsure of what this was supposed to accomplish. Was that supposed to be cool? Or funny? Or is he trying to prove a point about how one can safely discharge a firearm with the home? I honestly don’t think it was any of the above. WHY DOES THIS EXIST?!? I genuinely want to know what this guy hopes to accomplish here.

    1. Erm… not “discharge a firearm with the home” but rather “within the home”. I apologize for my typo.

  29. Cokeman2423 Avatar

    what a bunch of butthurt faggots

    1. More videos needed, Now the arfcomers are crying for there video now. LULZ

  30. LOL this cokehead is funny. I wish my house had wheels!

  31. shockfish08 Avatar

    Wow… is this guy fucking high or something?

    1. He doesn’t need to be high. You saw him right? I’m pretty sure he’s just retarded.

  32. retro_joe Avatar

    I made it on a You Tube video!

    For about 1/2 of one second!

  33. what a nasty looking pedo-troll.

    since he reads all the comments we should convince him to shoot himself in the face.

    i liked the video of his house, his parents must be at work…the doilies really accent the trailer well.

  34. What a fuckin’ pussy.
    C’mon man, you aren’t even breaking shit! Anyone can shoot at books in their house. It takes a real man to shoot something like frying pan, or a TV, or a fridge.

  35. The guys a nutcase, really hope his family isnt killed by his stupidity. He probably thinks hes in control and that could never happen, but it will if he continues this unsafe bullshit.

  36. Yeah at 1:12 the idiot missed, he pauses for a moment most likely shitting his pants. Then turns around and looks at something, maybe a ricochet lmao what a fucken idiot. Guys an immature little kid that gives all gun owners a bad name, he shouldnt even be able to have guns.

  37. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    “Ugh and sitting on the toilet seat with pants on? He will probably spend the rest of the week in those pants too.”

    I love you mike xD

  38. Dougefresh91 Avatar

    The things people do to get attention from others. So pathetic.

  39. caokemanlovestex Avatar

    Nice kitchen cock! Was your mom around when you made the vids? Cokeman makes Tex Grebner look like a genius.