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  • Brass Grabber – A Creepy Glove With Attached Net

    The video needs more bikini girl (1:57) and less dudes. Question: Does it work? Answer: Looks like it. Question: Will I look like an idiot? Answer: Definitely. When I originally heard of the idea I was expecting something cooler than a creepy leather glove with an aluminum supported net. I want to see 2 of…

  • Lady Gaga In AR-15 SBR Bra On The Cover Of Rolling Stone

    Take that hippies. I love it! Neat how this version of the bra includes half of the AR-15 lower and the magazine. I first talked about her AR-15 SBR bra in the ATF Approves Lady Gaga’s Form 1 For AR-15 SBR post

  • ATF Approves Lady Gaga’s Form 1 For AR-15 SBR

    In the previous post Lady Gaga’s AR-15 SBR Bra In The Alejandro Music Video I talked about how I pictured Lady Gaga would have filled out her ATF Form 1 to build the SBR uppers for her Alejandro music video. If the ATF had a sense of humor, this is how I picture the response:

  • Motorcycle Leather Saddle Seat With Gun Holster

    People might reconsider tailgating this guy: Pretty classy.  The fake bullet holes on the rear fender are uncalled for though.  Stupid crap like that just brings the entire look down a notch.. I wonder if the same company makes those to fit a full size Glock on a sport bike? :P Hat Tip: Carter

  • Lady Gaga’s AR-15 SBR Bra In The Alejandro Music Video

    I don’t generally dislike Lady Gaga, but what an absolutely terrible song. It sounds like a rip off of some old “Ace of Base” music (haha anyone remember them?). The AR-15 SBR bra makes its first appearance at around 6:15: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=niqrrmev4mA[/youtube] This is how I picture her ATF form 1: Too bad the ATF doesn’t…

  • Gun Gear Shift Knob In Car

    Weird looking interior, Probably ostrich leather. Converting your gear shift knob to such a setup does look cool, and would not hinder it’s function.  Probably not a great idea though if you ever were to get pulled over, or cross the border. To be safe, id recommend against this modification. :P