Gun Gear Shift Knob In Car

Weird looking interior, Probably ostrich leather.

Converting your gear shift knob to such a setup does look cool, and would not hinder it’s function.  Probably not a great idea though if you ever were to get pulled over, or cross the border.

To be safe, id recommend against this modification. :P


4 responses to “Gun Gear Shift Knob In Car”

  1. I wonder if you pull the trigger to release it so you can shift.

    That would definitely cause problems if you got pulled over. Maybe if you paint it orange?

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      yea, it probably wouldn’t scream “GUN” as loudly if you painted it orange. But I still think it would be a disaster if you ever got pulled over and a police officer noticed. You’d probably be eating some pavement at the very least.

  2. Rolf.

    What happened to discretion and not wanting to get noticed by the nice police officers???

    The best case scenario is eating dirt… worst case you actually get shot by a rookie or by someone who’s looking for an excuse…

    just wow!

  3. Charlie Avatar

    CHP officer: Sir I’m gonna have to ask you to put your car in par- GUN GUN GUN!!! *blam* *blam* *blam* *blam* *blam*