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  • Movie Operators Gearing Up Supercut

    I feel like that when I get dressed in the morning. Thoughts?

  • CIA Spy Weapons And Gear

    Just my luck as a CIA agent I’d be the the middle of an OP, and my underwear would start riding up.  I’d go to adjust it and BLAM! shoot myself in the junk and blow my cover. You can check out some other cool weapons and gear the CIA used – HERE

  • Ragged Edge Gear

    Hello my name is Mike, and I am addicted to bags. That is how my introduction would go at group addictions counseling. Next to guns and watches, bags are my next biggest interest.  I have all types and brands, ranging in size, material, and price, from very cheap up to several hundred dollars. I recently…

  • Gun Gear Shift Knob In Car

    Weird looking interior, Probably ostrich leather. Converting your gear shift knob to such a setup does look cool, and would not hinder it’s function.  Probably not a great idea though if you ever were to get pulled over, or cross the border. To be safe, id recommend against this modification. :P

  • Top Gear Biathlon – Winter, Guns, and SUVs

    About a week ago I wished for A More Interesting Biathlon… Well my wish was granted: Best Line: Not only is he using the wrong car, he is using the wrong gun. 22 is alright when you’re 9, but when you’re in a hurry you need one of these. A Heckler & Koch MP5 Machine…

  • The Geardo

    For those not familiar with the terminology… Definitions: Geardo – One who spends at least 50% of each paycheck (before taxes) on the latest & greatest gear, just to have the latest and greatest gear, regardless of whether or not that gear will actually help the wearer preform his/her duties. FOB (Forward Operating Base) –…