CIA Spy Weapons And Gear

Just my luck as a CIA agent I’d be the the middle of an OP, and my underwear would start riding up.  I’d go to adjust it and BLAM! shoot myself in the junk and blow my cover.

You can check out some other cool weapons and gear the CIA used – HERE


6 responses to “CIA Spy Weapons And Gear”

  1. MAC21500 Avatar

    You’d blow more than your cover…
    I take it thats a “punch pistol” ?

  2. It would give the phrase “going off half cocked” an entirely new twist :)

  3. Oneshooter Avatar

    I don’t believe that is a CIA device. That is a glove developed during WW2 for SeaBee dozer operators. I used the most commen form of defence, punching an opponent, to a new level. Many timed while building an airstrip out of jungle the Japanese would attack dozer operators singly with bayonets. A man operating a macine would have to fumble with a rifle or try to draw a pistol to defend himself. With this “glove gun” he could both operate the machine and have a handy close combat weapon.

    1. MAC21500 Avatar

      Very cool, didn’t know that; I’d seen it in Inglorious Basterds however.

      1. MAC21500 Avatar

        Chambered in .38, developed by the OSS

  4. I believe the OSS developed that in WWII which of course became the CIA.