Crysis 2

The graphics look awesome. Physics look pretty good too.

The last gun he uses (some sort of RPG?) looks crazy!

You can buy Crysis 2 if your interested – HERE

Any of you guys that are into games have an opinion?


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  1. The last Crysis game I played until the aliens showed up, at which point it got very dull. If they keep the aliens out, the “human predator in the city” vibe looks very appealing.

    1. Aleksandr Mravinsky Avatar
      Aleksandr Mravinsky

      There are aliens, but Crytek have decided that flying enemies are annoying, so now they have armor or something like that that prevents them from flying.

  2. played a little of the single player on xbox and it was kinda cool. the multiplayer is horrible. Tons of lag. Having to put two magazines into someone is way overboard. there’s only one good gun and its the scar. tons of other little problems like the cloak and armor slowing the game play down. kinda annoying when everyone’s using the damn cloak and camping in corners. like the problem black ops has with the ghost perk. I returned it to best buy for trade in credits.

  3. It is definitely a beautiful looking game. Single player kicks ass! Multiplayer has 2 faults that kill it, 1. the invisibility is like COD’s ghost perk on crack and if you give a bunch of campers this ability they will exploit it! 2. as mentioned by Evan, having to dump a whole clip into someone to put em down is just a nuisance. It has a lot of potential but with those 2 annoyances it’s pretty much unplayable IMO!

  4. It’s still sad that the first game came out in 2007 and still has better graphics…

  5. After the first game, I’m concerned the sequel would again, crap all over my PC’s system specs. One of the prettiest games I’ve ever seen though I must say.

    On a related note:

  6. I bought the game as I liked the first Crysis and the faults mentioned above are definitely annoying, but I still play it regardless. My laptop plays it just fine on very high settings (worth the investment there).
    The multiplayer is a bit erratic when it comes to putting people down, I’ve got kills where I barely even fired two shots and others where the pistol came out after an empty mag.
    Also, everyone instantly seems to know where you are in the singleplayer missions, even if you’ve doon your very best ghost impression.

  7. PFULMTL Avatar

    Crysis 2 is kinda good and bad. The single player is good and detialed, the multiplayer sucks and is Call of Duty meets Robocop. On PC however, it’s just a big ass lie. I’ve made a bunch of jokes of Crysis 2 check them out if you are bored.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      haha nice work.

      That exoskeleton (or body armor?) is pretty crazy looking.

      1. PFULMTL Avatar

        By the way, in Crysis 2, they call their mags “extended clips”. I’m sure you hate it already.

  8. My only thought is that apparently I have some catching up to do, given I have not even played the first one yet… :)

    Hell of a complicated interface to be using mid-game, though…

  9. I bought crysis 1 wasnt too impressed so its sat on my shelf after beating single campaign hated the multiplayer. Im skipping this one all together and will just keep playing call of duty black ops till call of duty modern warfare 3 is out or Battlefield 3 :)

  10. kid charlemagne(nor) Avatar
    kid charlemagne(nor)

    graphics looks good, interface looks bad. dont like to play superheroes, robots or aliens, this game seems to have it all.
    i wil just wait for Red Orchestra 2.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      I hear a lot of talk about Red Orchestra 2. It does look like it has the potential to be really good.

      1. Nothing else has ever attempted the realism and scale of Red Orchestra 1. RO2 is where my money is. I can’t stand playing Battlefield, and Call of Duty any longer. Sure, they were fun for a while, but they just aren’t rewarding after a week or so. Call of Duty rehashes every year are just old already.

  11. I have to point something out about Crysis 2 and EA Games in particular. The game play itself is alright, the graphics are stellar but that seems to be only a means to push what they’re selling. Crysis 2, like almost every other EA product, has an underlying theme of anti-capitalism & pro-marxism. I won’t bother to cover overwhelming evidence, it being overwhelming and all, just play one of their games and pay attention. In Crysis 2, they play the “evil corporation” theme. In the game, a corporation is hired to secure NY City and, of course, murders all the survivors. They make the player witness a propaganda dialog between a Marine and a “privately owned corporate soldier” who is a prisoner. The Marine chastises the corporate prisoner: “You went private man, you’ve lost your privileges”. These people hate real soldiers and marines, and I’m a veteran, so for EA to stage their propaganda as coming from a Marine is just sick. Whatever you believe, this is still true: unions & corporations have no power, other than what an excessive government gives them. Don’t BUY EA products, play them all you want, but don’t pay EA to spew socialist propaganda! I just wonder how much influence EA has over the various development companies or if they are complicit.

    How does this relate to guns & gun rights? Socialism IS marxism, and this ideology will never be accepted by the majority of conscious, thinking individuals. Socialists NEED to confiscate guns in order to force their ideas onto other people. Gun banners ARE socialists or a socialist tools. BTW, I didn’t say ‘liberal’, because I think many liberals are just confused about liberalism vs libertarianism.

    I will now accept flames as necessary, but remember, I do pay attention, I keep notes, and I’m not just a master-debater :)

    1. Just a quick response, the actual remark in that scene isn’t really about how the guy is private and the Marine is Marine. The Private soldier says “I used to be one of you, 9 years in, Army” that’s when the other solider responds “I’m a Marine, and whatever you were you went private, your privileges are gone.”

      The real focus here is how Army and Marines are not the same thing. I have a brother in the Marines and a friend in the Army and they both dislike being called the other. The writing here is actually well thought out to put that specific kind of interaction.