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  • The Console War

    Good for a chuckle or two: When the video ended, I was like “that’s it?”… A for effort though. Hat tip: Raeshawn

  • Xbox 360 Controller 9mm Brass Button Conversion

    Cool mod, but I wonder how comfortable it would be to play with: No work involved for you, seen on Etsy for $54.89 Brand new unmodified Xbox 360 wireless controller on Amazon for $36.99 Is it worth saving $17.90 and attempting the modification yourself?  Probably not, if the pre done one is done correctly and the person actually sends…

  • Blackwater Video Game

    ROFL.. not sure if serious: Combining Xbox360 Kinect with a game like this is basically a recipe to create the ultimate mall ninja.  The guy in the video is so into it, he reminds me of the Hardcore Video Game Weapon Nerd, except this dude gives off a creepy rapist vibe. Prediction:  If it’s accurate to…

  • If You Havin Music Constraints I Feel Bad For You Son

    I had to double check, but this video IS on EA’s actual Battlefield channel: I like Jay-z a lot, and that song is one of his classics… but seriously what a terrible choice of music in the context. That said, Battlefield 3 is looking pretty sick! You can pre-order the game now for an October…

  • Crysis 2

    The graphics look awesome. Physics look pretty good too. The last gun he uses (some sort of RPG?) looks crazy! You can buy Crysis 2 if your interested – HERE Any of you guys that are into games have an opinion?

  • Bulletstorm

    As you probably know, I’m not much of a gamer.  That game looks pretty awesome though… I like the concept guns. Another trailer. This one is a parody of the Halo 3 “Believe” promo: Looks kinda like a “Call Of Duty” that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Available at Amazon – HERE