Xbox 360 Controller 9mm Brass Button Conversion

Cool mod, but I wonder how comfortable it would be to play with:

No work involved for you, seen on Etsy for $54.89

Brand new unmodified Xbox 360 wireless controller on Amazon for $36.99

Is it worth saving $17.90 and attempting the modification yourself?  Probably not, if the pre done one is done correctly and the person actually sends it.  The once concern I have though is that the original Xbox 360 buttons are smooth rounded plastic, which you would be replacing with 9mm brass which has a fairly square edge on it.  I could see my thumb being worn raw and developing a classic NES blister… which would be cool to reminisce over for a minute, but then would be annoying.

Thoughts?  Have any of you guys done this mod?

Hat tip: Kevin W.


11 responses to “Xbox 360 Controller 9mm Brass Button Conversion”

  1. Jester67 Avatar

    THIS is a bullet-button I can live with.

  2. I think id paint the primers with nail polish the red, blue, green and yellow. For new players and drunken nights. Suprised the left and right bumpers aren’t replaced with skeletonized 1911 triggers.

    1. Jared Avatar

      That might be the coolest idea yet!

  3. First off thank you ENDO Gun Blog for featuring my 9mm xbox buttons. The feel of the 9mm is still fairly fluid. I am an avid gamer and shooter so it felt natural to just combine the two. The cool thing with games like call of duty and battlefield is you really don’t mash on the ABXY buttons like we used to in the old NES days. The main action is in the joy sticks and the triggers. That said the new 9mm buttons function perfectly and all are tested before shipping.

    The 1911 triggers aren’t on the horizon yet, but 12 gauge shotgun shell d-pad is almost complete. This will add a nice addition to the 9mm shells.

    For other cool bullet products check out my cufflinks which come in just about any caliber you would like.

    1. ozwald Avatar

      is diesel lace a reference to the old combloc practice of running a bootlace soaked in diesel down the bore a firearm as a cleaning practice?

      1. I’m impressed not too many people put that together. Yes the name had originated from that process.

    2. Was just going to remark that those links are bad ass.

      1. Thank you. The Bullet Cufflinks are a Hot seller right now. Especially for custom wedding listings. I personally like to wear the 12 gauge links and the 44 mags from my D Eagle.

    3. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      You’re welcome Tyler, I really like the idea. Neat cuff links as well, I might have to pick up a pair someday.

  4. Logic Avatar

    This is done on my controller actually. I also had it dipped in ACU water coat so now it can blend in with the moon.

  5. Church Avatar

    This is a pretty BA idea. I like it.