Tactical Affliction Style Bumpfire Stock

The gun store guys went all “Tactical Affliction” on their bumpfire stock:

If you don’t know what Affliction clothing looks like, google it.  That bottom foregrip does really seem to help with the control of it.  The muzzle rise he was getting on the first few shots probably sent them over the berm though which is never good.  Unless you’re a seasoned bumpfire pro, those kind of safety ricks are always there with or without a stock like they built.



10 responses to “Tactical Affliction Style Bumpfire Stock”

  1. Alex R Avatar

    That paired with the AK pistol makes it look like something out of Warhammer 40K.

  2. Still looks like a fence board and sprinkler parts… now with Tapco!

  3. Good idea, only in case you are assaulted by a 30ft high vampire, otherwise you might miss it, even with a high-cap mag and a bottom foregrip!

  4. I understand the novelty of firing full auto without spending a great deal of money and going through the class III process, but to what end? To shoot 30 rounds and not hit anything your shooting at? or to look like an idiot with a 2 x 6 piece of lumber as a stock?

    I guess if you have the money to blow on ammo its a neat idea but a novelty that i see only lasting for one day of shooting in most cases.

    1. DB327 Avatar


    2. Church Avatar

      Mike, you read my mind. I hate these guys, and all of their “great ideas” are all shit.

  5. ozwald Avatar

    better combine this with that 10mm carbine and shit would really be SO cash.

  6. retro_joe Avatar

    A $1 pack of fire crackers would make as much noise and do as much damage to the target.

  7. Full auto is generally a waste of ammo. The 3-round burst does make sense.

    But if I were in a target rich environment, such as the zombie apocalypse, I want guys to the left and right firing M-60’s. I’ll pick my targets.

    BTW, Does anyone know the plural of apocalypse?

  8. Crunkleross Avatar

    Great demonstration of the anti-aircraft capabilities of the AK pistol. I had not considered using the AK pistol in defilade, these guys are true operators.