Motorcycle Leather Saddle Seat With Gun Holster

People might reconsider tailgating this guy:

Pretty classy.  The fake bullet holes on the rear fender are uncalled for though.  Stupid crap like that just brings the entire look down a notch..

I wonder if the same company makes those to fit a full size Glock on a sport bike? :P

Hat Tip: Carter


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  1. Steven S. Avatar
    Steven S.

    I can’t remember where I first saw this, but if I had a bike like that I would so have these on both sides, along with scabbard for a Henry golden boy.

    Only thing that I do not get is why is the leather on the holster so plain? The seat has some nice embossing but not the holster.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Yea I suppose the holster would have looked nice with embossing too. At least the leather and the stiching is the same though.

    2. The holster is a paddle holster.. I easily slips off of the cycle seat and conveniently slips on to your belt.. I wonder if there’s another holster on the side of the seat?..

  2. matt watts Avatar
    matt watts

    I like that it is bad ass just what i was looking for the chopper i’m building . i would like to know who made this and
    were to get this.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      I have no idea Matt, I’m curious as well. If only we could do a CSI style ENHANCE on the brass plate on the side of the seat, I bet that says the company name.

  3. I love that guys can sit home on their asses and talk down about something so unique and creative and talk down about it. I love the guys idea for a matching scabre. The holster seat is just plain kick ass!! As for Glocks, mine was meant to be concealed. And If I had a sport bike Id keep it concealed too !!!! Keep your powder dry and your chrome clean!! Thanks!

    1. Mike (Hydro) Avatar
      Mike (Hydro)

      Straight – up!

    2. the rossi 92 ranch hand “mare’s leg” would look even better….LOL

      1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
        Admin (Mike)

        yea that’s a badass gun

  4. […] source : […]

  5. anyone find out the co. that made/makes the seat?

  6. i would like to see the whole bike… iv been looking all over the internet and cant find it…any suggestions???

  7. RR Leather Avatar

    I currently produce gun holsters and will be adding motorcycle holsters to my product line. Will keep everyone posted.

    1. hello,

      was wondering if u have those motorcycle holsters on your product line yet

    2. will u send me your nfo I am looking for softail holster seat

    3. Gene Nunn Avatar
      Gene Nunn

      When you have some like this let me know, but need them on both sides for Colt 1911s

  8. This seat was made by Wicked Cactus Leathers, in El Paso, TX.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Awesome thanks Steve.

  9. Anyone else notice the sherriff in the background? If you look close there is detail on the holster.

  10. Ya!!!! i seen the sheriff doing what they always do, eating donuts and drinking coffee with a Twinkie chaser.Now if there had been a open container of coffee on that bike there would have been a problem. Just let them eat and sleep.

    1. Notorious P.I.G. Avatar
      Notorious P.I.G.

      Just the kind of comment I would expect from a moron with no LEO experience… don’t quit your day job sonny, you will never make it as a comedian.

    2. I’m betting you don’t take lunch breaks at your job. (For some reason)

  11. Why would you want a gun holster for a sportbike? Hell, why would you want a sportbike period?

  12. I could be wrong, but I’m 90% sure that gun is a Denix replica.

  13. Where can I purchase this holster?

  14. Thank you guys for your comments, praise and support. I am the person who made the seat on the bike. I built it to my customers specifications. this bike has gone one to win a number of shows. you can contact me at [email protected] its better to call me (915) 564-0257 to better answer all your questions.This seat took about 35 hours to put together it all hand made. My web site is Thank you Cactus

    1. Thomas sitler Avatar
      Thomas sitler

      Tried your site, bad link, you still in business?

    2. Michael Avatar

      I sent you an email Cactus

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  16. Dale Wilson Avatar
    Dale Wilson

    Can this holster be made o fit the existing seat

  17. billybob Avatar

    well……..if your right handed …do you switch throttle to your left hand to get a sightpicture?? ive tried that ……and………

  18. Thomas Young Avatar
    Thomas Young

    I like the look of the leather work that resembles a western saddle with the leather holster. I would have done away with the fake bullet holes in the fender and put an image of the 2nd Amendment instead! I think it would have been a nice touch especially since Obama and Hilary Clinton are so inclined to do away with it and have the control given to the U.N. Forces. Just my thoughts.

  19. Dennis Collins Avatar
    Dennis Collins

    Does it come in Black ?

  20. Reyes Lopez Avatar
    Reyes Lopez

    How much would that gun holster for a road king?

  21. Ron carter Avatar
    Ron carter

    How much would that gun holster and seet cost for a 2014 Dyna Street Bob

  22. Larken McRorie Avatar
    Larken McRorie

    I could make one of these.. I could also make one for a glock on a sportsbike..

  23. james tucker Avatar
    james tucker

    Where can I buy one of these seats?

  24. will buy one of your seats for my motorcycle chopper as soon as you make a reply and more in the future for all my Harley motorcycles ,please hurry ! JACK BURK

  25. what web site can you go to so you can see prices as well as other seats that hold guns. I want one for my Harley electro glide classic

  26. were can you see more seats for motorcycles

  27. I own a 09 fatbob and would like a Sadle seat the same size as my seat with a holster made with it and would like it to be as close to harley orange and black , if you can make it with them colors —email me an estimate

  28. I owned a rig that was bolted to the frame and had a lock that held the gun by a big keyed thing that auto locked when holstered. You had a key and could release the gun or because the lock was so good, you could leave it on the bike and they would have to steal the bike to get the gun. It was made by a company out of Phoenix called S&S Sales Inc. Can’t find em now but would love to have another.

  29. If you take a close look at the saddle you can see that you can add any type of snap or buckle on holster, the same as a western gun belt.

  30. Fred Bridge Avatar
    Fred Bridge

    Where can I get one for my bike

  31. can you tell me how much the cost is and where do i go to get one?

  32. Michael Avatar

    Where can I buy that seat?

  33. Janice Miller Avatar
    Janice Miller

    Where can this be bought?

  34. I’m lookin for this seat

  35. Are you selling these?

  36. charles poling Avatar
    charles poling

    i want to purchase a similar seat set up…. please contact me via email. regards