Brass Grabber – A Creepy Glove With Attached Net

The video needs more bikini girl (1:57) and less dudes.

Question: Does it work?
Answer: Looks like it.

Question: Will I look like an idiot?
Answer: Definitely.

When I originally heard of the idea I was expecting something cooler than a creepy leather glove with an aluminum supported net. I want to see 2 of these in a movie, on a gangster shooting a DEAGLE in each hand then fleeing from the cops.

The Brass Grabber is $50 – HERE


20 responses to “Brass Grabber – A Creepy Glove With Attached Net”

  1. I can imagine that net getting caught in the bolt/slide.

  2. That last shot in the video was painfully awkward. Also, just for using that overplayed lame shitty song, I will never buy one. I’ll stick to regular brass catchers or just picking through the grass/snow.

  3. @Ben — Soundtrack is totally lame. Woulda been better with some bluegrass and audio of the shooting IMO.

    I actually think this thing is potentially pretty cool. I might order one. Here’s how I figure it:

    Pros –
    Adjustability should mean interference-free fit on most of my guns
    Having it on the hand means no fussing with the firearm to put one on
    Very small, unlike most that sit next to you or on the floor to do this
    Can be used in a variety of situations, even from a treestand
    Once on, almost impossible to forget to use
    Cons –
    Lefties left out

    That last one is only for folks with left-ejectors. Nothing to be done for lefties with right-hand ejectors in this regard.

    1. Thanks for all the Pros on the idea. I’m the creator of the video and a partner with Brass Grabbers. I apologize for the video quality/song choice. I can’t make everybody happy and I don’t have hundreds of dollars worth of video equipment or unlimited time to perfect the video. The point of the video was to get the word out about our product and I believe I have accomplished that. Thanks again.

      1. I think the song is great. And regardless of how it looks, GunBlast Jeff says it works and that was good enough for me to order one. I for one am tired of losing brass in the grass.

  4. I heard these will be making an appearance on the next Magpul Dynamics video. They do a great job keeping brass out of Costa’s beard. (Fanboys everywhere are placing their orders)

  5. Nice barrel sweep of the camera guy at 1:36! Lame video and specially sound track. Looks like daddy has some toys that son #1 and #2 get to shoot plus how awkward it looks to dump just a few rounds. Think of emptying 3 or 4 30 round mags or a 90 round drum from your AR and see how awkward that would be. I just grab an old tarp to lay down if I’m going to go shooting in a field. I wounder if they had a solid back stop in the open field?

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      hehe yea a little less creepy and cheaper too!

      1. I don’t really understand what makes the shooting glove creepy. It’s going to be more comfortable to wear than strapping velcro around your palm.

        1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
          Admin (Mike)

          I just picture someone who would wear a glove like that would drive around neighborhoods slowly at night in a rusted out white utility van.

          1. Hey if people like that buy our product its fine with me. A sale is a sale. haha

  6. Yeah, looks perfect for an AK, M1, M1 Carbine or any of the other multitude of firearms with a left side charging handle just waiting to mangle the aquarium net on your glove.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      I LOL’d when I read “aquarium net” … that is so true hahhahha

  7. I skipped ahead through the whole video till about 1:52, so I could see the “bikini girl.” What a let down.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      haha well I thought it was a welcome change for the earlier parts of the video.

  8. roflcopter Avatar

    i think its a way over priced ridiculous piece of shit! looks like someone put what they had laying around and tried to sell it! fucking duct tape and a baggy would look better! some people and their get rich schemes!

  9. Of all the similar products I’ve seen on the ‘net this one appears to be the most versatile. I’ve ordered one. Will I look like an idiot? I don’t care. .308 brass is expensive. (and be careful calling someone holding a 7.62×51 semiautomatic rifle in his hands an ‘idiot’)

  10. The pro of this versus the graco velcro around hand is obvious, adjustable for rifles as well as pistols.
    So portability of a rifle brass catcher is the unique feature I’m seeing.

  11. John Brant Avatar
    John Brant

    I went to and and it is not for sale. I tried Amazon, Natchez, Brownells, Midsouth, Midway cabellas, no one has one for sale.
    Where can I get one?