Lady Gaga’s AR-15 SBR Bra In The Alejandro Music Video

I don’t generally dislike Lady Gaga, but what an absolutely terrible song. It sounds like a rip off of some old “Ace of Base” music (haha anyone remember them?).

The AR-15 SBR bra makes its first appearance at around 6:15:


This is how I picture her ATF form 1:

Too bad the ATF doesn’t seem to have a sense of humor.


13 responses to “Lady Gaga’s AR-15 SBR Bra In The Alejandro Music Video”

  1. Grudge Avatar

    Gay Nazi’s and Puppet Nuns. LOL

  2. Reminds me of Madonna

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Yea same, I imagine that is one of her big influences.

    2. madonna wore a gunbra before she did??? :O

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  4. Wow. That is just some Grade A Freaking Wierd right there.

    I blame Austin Powers.

    1. I remember a show from the 80’s, I want to say it was “Ultraman,” where the boobs were missiles. I’m sure there’s plenty of older instances as boobs as weapons.

      1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
        Admin (Mike)

        “Boobs As Weapons” … sounds like a good idea for a blog post :P

  5. I’ve heard worse. Not a bad song, but the video is terrible. I thought it was only Marilyn Manson who used weird Nazi imagery and people dressed up like Pinhead from Hellraiser. And Marilyn Manson sucks ass.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      heh yea marilyn manson is weird. I don’t mine a couple of his songs though, but all the videos are messed up.

  6. Why invoke the ATF? In the USA, the upper receiver for an AR-type rifle is not a firearm. No federal firearms paperwork needs to be completed for it. Only the lower receiver, which has the firing mechanism, is the serialized component that requires federal paperwork.

    Reminds me of an Austin Powers movie. Except the Fembots were better looking.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      I’m very aware how the system works. For the sake of the joke, the assumption was made that she had lowers in her possession.

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