Helium Balloon Lawn Chair Then Shotgun Escape Because America

Holy… Rockstar Energy / Erik Roner be crazy:

Erik-Roner-Helium-Balloon-Lawn-ChairMan… that made my stomach turn haha.

There was a 2008 Darwin award recipient who wasn’t so lucky, and a guy in 1982 who actually pulled it off but seemed to be out of luck for that guy more than anything.


Gat tip: Dennis


11 responses to “Helium Balloon Lawn Chair Then Shotgun Escape Because America”

  1. derpmaster Avatar

    He’s lucky that he didn’t drop that shotgun. A sling might have been a good idea.

    1. Mechanically Avatar

      A sling would be one option, but I suspect the area below was pretty desolate…

      Human terminal velocity is around 120mph… ish. From the looks of things, he was REALLY fighting the buttstock of that thing as it was acting as a fin, until he got it centered on his torso.

      I think I would have opted to ditch the shotgun as soon as I bailed out of the chair. I bet you could rig up a LONG streamer of some sort, which would slow it down enough that it could land safely. I think I would trust that method more than my own bare hands while I tried to manage the ‘chute. It could be furled around the stock until it was deployed…

      Either way, while I’m no Red Bull drinker, I appreciate they didn’t chicken out and use a slingshot.

      Anyone else surprised at the seemingly low number of balloons each shot took out?

      1. Drapetomanius Avatar

        Hey man that’s Rockstar, not Red Bull. Rockstar is my poison of choice. Weirdly enough, the inventor of Rockstar is Russ Weiner, the son of radio nut Michael Savage. He first sold it in Las Vegas (where I lived at the time) and it was kind of a Vegas signature thing.

  2. DinoRidingArab Avatar

    Count your rounds bro

  3. What about a scarab holster attached to his chest? Perhaps that would have interfered with chute. Still would have strapped it on somehow.
    And what load was he shooting? Each shot didn’t seem to take out very many balloons. Seems birdshot would be more effective. Guess he was too close to get a decent spread.

  4. Raisedby_dogs Avatar

    Maybe he could just man up and hold the shotgun with his hands… Oh wait.

  5. Drapetomanius Avatar

    It would have been cooler if he had put some targets in the DZ and shot them on his way down.

  6. it's my day off Avatar
    it’s my day off

    yea what a wasted opportunity. it would be fun enough just to shoot wildly into the empty air while high on rockstar. shoulda brought a ksg.

  7. Sorry guys, but it’s fake. That volume of air displacement is a 1.3 liters to 1. He’d need a mass of balloons the size of a large gymnasium to even budge off the ground.

    1. Oh it’s real. Plenty of people have done it before.
      The main reason people don’t so it more often is that helium is fucking expensive.

      1. Plenty have done it before, but this one is fake.