Scrambling Shit Up At Gunsite

LAV run and guns “the scrambler”:

Larry-Vickers-Louis-Vuitton-ParodyWow and with a not-suitable-for-civilians HK MP7 even! (Yea I know everyone forgot that except me)

I’m not calling him LAV anymore I’m calling him BAE (nohomo – Bacon And Eggs) because that’s how my trigga Larry be scramblin’.

Larry may not be as high-speed as when he was Delta, but he still gets it done.



4 responses to “Scrambling Shit Up At Gunsite”

  1. Squirreltakular Avatar

    I’ll never forget either. I want that damn gun…

  2. Semantics Police: So why are misses considered to be “failure to engage”? He “engaged” them. He just didn’t hit them.

  3. well i am 1/3 as round/chubby as BAE, but no way am I that fast or accurate.

    that recoil thing blew over and people still seem to be buying the magazine.

  4. Call Buck Yeager, LAV or BAE, pressed checked the pistol!