Yeager On The Glock 7

You’d be surprised what he makes in a month:

I think he’s wrong on the origin of people saying “Glocks are porcelain”… most of us remember that coming from Die Hard 2 (the scene here).  Die Hard 2 was such a great Christmas movie btw.

Manca-Polenar-TacticalOn a related note… Polenar Tactical HAD a hilarious video up parodying famous YouTube gun channels.  As you can see Yeager slapped a copyright claim on them and got it removed.  Sure they said his name and his company’s name, but it was all in good fun.  For a guy who appears to love controversy, he didn’t like the joke I guess.  My guess is that Polenar roast him 1000x worse in the remake they are doing and just change his name to Yames Jeager or something… we’ll see.  The video even had Manca in it as Erika from 11B’s own Cory07Ink… naturally there were some bum shots so it was cool. Apparently we have to save EVERY video now, even funny ones. I thought only derpy videos were at risk of getting pulled nowadays, but I guess not :/



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  1. Jonathan Ferguson Avatar
    Jonathan Ferguson

    Yep, the porcelain gun thing is straight out of the Die Hard 2 script, appears nowhere else before that though obviously it’s based on the butthurt in the media over the supposedly ‘invisible’ Glock 17, which had taken place a few years before the movie came out.

  2. Polenar is back up with the Christmas vid. Cute. Although I wish I could unsee the KJW and JY bits….

    MCTY. Thanks for the lulz.

  3. If Buck Yeager really filed a copyright takedown notice for a parody video, than he’s more of a punk ass bitch than he plays on YouTube. Pulling bitch stunts like that means he’s not worthy of links and attention. He should just go back to doing transman porn on VHS.

  4. James Yeager consistently proves himself to be a bitch and yet people continue to link to him. Enough.

  5. I don’t think their clip of cory and ericrook was a roast, More of a tribute since they used to work hand in hand. Which puts them on the same moral compass as RangeTime. I remember when people tried to reach out to them during the beginning of corygate and they went all FXHummel on them

  6. What do you mean by “they went all FXHummel on them? Just curious. Thanks.

  7. “How dares u! They be honest, why would you think he’s a recon ranger sniper seal when he’s clearly a para delta Marine! Stop wasting your time with stolen valor because no one cares, keep just click our videos and subscribe to our channels for tactical advice from those who never fired a shot in anger, because make believe and passive aggressiveness is so much cooler than really serving your country. Erica get on dat pole!”

    1. I remember that.

      It’s part of why even though he has seemed like a pretty cool, level headed guy when I’ve debated with him on here, I will never like FXHummel. Well, that and he’s dick riding Yeager.

    2. heavyfire7537 Avatar


  8. Or something like that

  9. If I recall correctly, way back when, there were some congressional committee meetings and what not where the usual morons were shitting their pants about the plastic Glock 17 being invisible to X-rays and metal detectors, and “Oh lawdy, lawdy, we is all going to DIE!”.

    Gaston be like “What da fuq you peeps talking about?” In the end basic physics and explanations of complex things such as what steel is made out of won out over mental retardation, and thus you can still purchase the Glock 17 to this day.

    Just don’t ask about .30 caliber per second magazine clips or DFi will chase you around the committee room with her strap on. (Pro-tip)