Vigilant Spectre x ENDO Giveaway Results – With Binary Explosive

Spectre does it his way:

Vigilant Spectre rocking the throwback NorthFace bubble goose like a Mobb Deep entourage member.  Wait, was Shook Ones about shooting binary explosives?

haha 0:38 – No “Gay random number generator” for these guys… they use binary explosives.


Vigilant-Spectre-Tactical-As… I guess that explains why most people use random number generators hahah.

You can grab a shirt if you didn’t win over at ENDO Apparel.


2 responses to “Vigilant Spectre x ENDO Giveaway Results – With Binary Explosive”

  1. kingof9x Avatar

    I miss the days when they got all but hurt when you posted about them.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha yea Vigilant Spectre is actually one of the few groups of guys who took me/us poking fun at them and learned from it. Definitely had a good run with some epic posts in the past from them though, including a police report being filed. haha I still want a copy of that to put on the wall.