Instructor Zero x Nadia Brown Hole x Bravo Concealment

Blah blah blah Bravo Concealment can do magic with kydex like no other:

But then….


LOL who is “Nadia Brown Hole” and what is “Sack Company”, some sort of military unit?  I was honestly terrified to google that.  Whoever this Nadia Brown Hole ladyboy who Instructor Zero likes, I couldn’t find his Instagram or anything. Does he work for Bravo Concealment? Can I get an interview with him? How did he get the moniker? Wait.. scratch that last one I don’t want to know.

Making Instructor Zero parody trolling accounts on social media would be a full time job, if one were inclined to do so.

Thoughts?  Anyone else amped for future Nadia Brown Hole appearances?  I bet he can shoot like hell if Zero rolls with him.


13 responses to “Instructor Zero x Nadia Brown Hole x Bravo Concealment”

  1. SittingDown Avatar

    Nadia’s sack filled with brown holes. It’s sort of like a black hole event horizon, only it’s got a UPS logo on it and subtitles get sucked in at a faster rate if there’s no kydex chastity belts installed.

  2. He has a very noticeable hitch in his draw when the gun first comes out, kinda ridiculous to endorse a holster that doesn’t want to let you have your pistol. Except when he just throws the gun at the target he’s slower with the new holster. His fake ass will disappear into the ether soon, being a gear whore is a good indicator.

  3. And…that big square riveted together piece of kydex is a concealment holster? That is just too funny, wow. May as well just put your shirt over a fag bag. LOL

    1. kingof9x Avatar

      I always thought the same thing about “raven concealment”

  4. JohnnyIShootStuff Avatar

    One day, zero is going to show up at your single wide and bend all your flat brimmed hats. Who will be laughing then?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar


  5. He’s used plenty of derpy stuff in past videos, like SERPA holsters and Dead Ringer sights. Honestly I never looked at Bravo Concealment because of their affiliation with Corky & Erika.

    1. SERPA holsters derpy? Them’s fightin’ words!
      Hey and we all know who else endorses him, *cough* 5.11 *cough* …

      1. 5.11 pants are the worst pieces of crap ever made. 5.11 dumps a ton of money in marketing and that makes sales. Woolrich tactical beat the crap out of 5.11, but woolrich didn’t do a good job of selling them in a saturated market.

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          Yea Woolrich Tactical is good? I think part of the reason they aren’t known for their tactical stuff is that their core clothing style overshadows it and people just make assumptions. I’ll have to check out the Woolrich offerings next time I see them somewhere.

          1. You won’t see them anymore. Woolrich got out of that business. I’ve heard that they sold the patterns to another mfg, but, I’ve yet to hear who that was. When I saw the tac pants on amazon for 40% off, I should have snagged a dozen pairs. Too late now, I guess I have to search for a replacement. Every LEO supply store seems to be either 5.11 or blackhawk. I’m not really into buying a pair just to try them on.

          2. I use a Woolrich Tactical vest for IDPA, and have a pair of their pants. Nothing special, I bought them at blowout prices from OP Tactical. For $100 you can buy American made tac-type pants from TAD or Kitanica.

    2. kingof9x Avatar

      But raven concealment was also used in all the magpul videos.