High Speed Low Drag Possible Bikers Who Shoot

Dead Man’s Hand” out of Georgia:

With this video I’m not going to do my regular LOL’ing and picking apart of every detail, because I’m pretty sure these guys are bikers.  Yea you could say “OH HOW STEREOTYPICAL YOU’D SAY THAT… a guy can’t have rockers on his shirt, arm patches, tattoos, name crests, and a ranking system? and not be called a biker?  Really I expected more from you ENDO.”   haha well alright, but I’m keeping a safe distance on this one.


I realize that I talk shit all day about Spetsnaz and other global Special Forces units and individuals who do Derpy stuff who could probably kill me just as easy, but I don’t know.. the lawlessness of bikers just freak me out.  I enjoy my life, I don’t want to go down that rabbit hole you know?  Plus I just got through settling some shit with the Mayans and the Chinese in Stockton / Charming… not tying to piss off another MC.  Juice is still doing favors for Marilyn Manson in lockup, and I have enough on my mind trying to sort this shit out with Gemma, and what she allegedly told Abel about Tara.  Heavy stuff you know?

Dead-Mans-Hand-GunslingersAll I’m going to say is these guys are definitely “training” for some “niche” SHTF situations if you catch my drift.


Hat tip: Dana


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  1. Bocephus Avatar

    looking at the vid and the pic i don’t get the whiff of an outlaw biker group. honestly i get the sense that they’re either military or just tatted cops. no long hair except for the oldest members? no beards except for the oldest members? no neck tats? pretty decent shape…naw…cops or military that formed a group.

    1. Looks more like a cleaner cut version of the white trash movement.

      1) No Brownies, check.
      2) Has “88” in logo, check.
      3) Has “AA” in logo, check.

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        haha hmmmmm. Coincidence though?

        1. Aces and 8’s is known as Dead Man’s Hand.
          Their group’s name is Dead Man’s Hand.
          That would be the coincidence.

          And yes, they are mostly active duty batt guys.

    2. It’s Columbus Ga. They’re mostly Army Rangers from 3rd BN. I recognize a few of the guys in the photo from schools at Benning.

  2. Veteran Owned and operated tent in teh bikini pic too. I get the same vibe, former .mil or LE and they are just going at it for the shits.

  3. derpmaster Avatar

    broski ND’s into the ground at :11

    1. Yep, almost a Tex Grebner moment.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Yea that was a close one!

  4. What’s with the random, meth face bikini girl sucking in her stomach?

  5. 0:34 was bad ass. Sitting at the table with a cigarette in his mouth and then BOOOM BOOM. LOL.

  6. dogxhead Avatar


  7. My wife sent me a link to one of their events and suggested I go, I figured she was trying to cash in on the SGLI…

  8. According to this article they associate with HA. http://www.kamloopsnews.ca/rcmp-investigate-outlaw-biker-gang-1.1241264

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      That’s Canada though. Maybe the name is just popular and that’s a coincidence in this case?

  9. the bikini girl has some wide birthin hips.

    i wonder if her name is Claire?

    1. I don’t know the story there but if she was hired to pose, they should get their money back. If she is someone’s gf, someone should explain to them that if they want to look cool and hardcore all 80’s style with a random, irrelevant biking model just ’cause, she should at least look like a professional.

      1. Ok that typo was kind of funny. biking=bikini. Hey Endo Mike, where did the edit feature go?

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          You never could edit on here!

  10. If they were the real deal, few if any of them would be able to even touch that hardware, much less do it on Youtube.

    There’s a world of difference between a “bikers” and 1%ers. These guys aren’t the latter. Strip away the tough guy uniforms and they’re just another group of guys training. Training is good, rolleyes at the persona though.

  11. Good situational training. Gospel of Violence worthy. Lol

    Def not 1%’er gang.

    They’re mostly .mil with friends.

  12. The video’s gone.

    I wonder how many videos you’ve gotten people to pull from youtube? You’re like a professional dream-crusher and it’s awesome.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha damn, thanks Caleb! Maybe someone saved it again.

    2. pointblank4445 Avatar

      I’m sure it has nothing to do with SSD posting it today

  13. Squirreltakular Avatar

    5 out of 5 would operate inside of that model’s ladyparts.