Sister Assisted Tactical Shot Gun Reloading

Demolition Ranch‘s sister tosses a shell directly into his chamber:

Demolition-Ranch-ENDO-Selector-SwitchPretty cool trick.  Wow two in a row even! He’s good at that.  They seem really close for brother and sister.



12 responses to “Sister Assisted Tactical Shot Gun Reloading”

  1. I’d toss a shell in her chamber

  2. TheBear Avatar

    The shotgun is this dude’s instrument.

  3. jim bob Avatar

    is their last name Lannister?

  4. K. Bear Avatar

    Dude ! ….. your sister is HOT !

  5. SittingDown Avatar

    I was expecting the Knights that say Ni to fly out of the shrubbery.

  6. Haha dick move on the sister comment, but I still laughed…

  7. Stand Darsh Avatar
    Stand Darsh

    0:24 Huh, so that’s how they do it in Tennessee.

  8. Big Blue Avatar


  9. czbeardly Avatar

    Youtube vid says “Mrs. Demo Ranch” but… I do not know how you roll on the other side of the pond :p

    1. It’s all sarcasm, everyone knows that’s his wife…. but he’s a redneck from Texas, so jokes had to be made.

      1. beardly Avatar

        All I can say is this. I will go to my corner of shame.