How To Be A YouTube Gun Star

Yeager takes us to school:

No “Acquire Haters” step?!  See I knew he wasn’t going to give away the whole secret recipe.  The game is to be sold not told, I know that too.

I am not planning on making regular YouTube videos, but it was still good to watch just to see his insight.

FXHummel has an epic song about YouTube gun stars:



6 responses to “How To Be A YouTube Gun Star”

  1. JohnnyIShootStuff Avatar

    You really suck FX and you’re real gay!

    Great song, once again. It takes a lot of time to write, storyboard, plan, shoot, and edit just a few minutes of final video. My last video took 4 camera, about $11000 in cameras, lenses, tripods, glidecams, mics, and audio recorders to get 20gig of video. Then all that had to be edited down to just 2 minutes. Next you have to promote the shit out of your work or it’s just another really small needle in the really big youtube haystack. While I many not agree with Yeager on a lot of stuff, he’s does put a lot of time into shooting his videos and coming up with fresh ideas – that’s not easy. He’s built a great audience but he’s also had some setback where his channel crossed over into his everyday life – some people can’t distinguish the YT act from the real person (who is usually much more reserved and polite).

    I really enjoy the troll comments on my videos, those are the most entertaining. Trolls also tend to watch your videos longer, subscribe, and share your work.

    1. $11,000? Wow, what kind of cameras are you running?

      1. JohnnyIShootStuff Avatar

        Canon 70D (two of them @ $1400 each for just the body) + plus assorted lenses (more expensive than the body). Two GoPros, plus a bucket of mounts, housings, batteries and accessories (about $1800). A Canon T5i. Multiple smaller Canon S100/S110. A Glidecam HD4000 (about $700), a Glidecam iGlide ($150). External audio recorder, shotgun mics, lav mics ($500). Then there are there other things like manfrotto tripods (not cheap), cheap tripods, lighting. It all adds up pretty quick.

        Now, not all of this gear is mine, about half of it is. I tend to be a one man crew, but, some of what I do takes a few extra people. I’m lucky enough to have a relative who is a professional actions sports photographer (GoPro has used his work). His current kit is insured for $40k, so he’s got quite a bit of really cool stuff.

  2. Buccaneer_9 Avatar

    Step 1. Pay no attention to how you look. Make sure your eyebrows are full wolf & your shirt is a size smediun with a fucked up collar.

    That’s as far as I got.

  3. SittingDown Avatar

    The life of Buck Yeager…cliff’s notes edition, aptly named, with actual Iraq traffic scenes (even includes failure to get off the brakes):