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  • World Record Ballistic Gel Penetration

    Holy, that’s a long-ass line of gel: I hadn’t ever heard of Cav-X ammo, or DSG (the company who makes it), but wow 13 ft of penetration from a 7.62x51mm round… that got my attention.  They redesigned the bullet obviously, which is cool: Classified as Multi Environment Ammunition – MEA™ – this projectile is effective…

  • Playing Pool With Guns

    Demolition Ranch, his sister, and a couple friends from California play some pool: It actually turned out better than I thought. Works well as training too because “Real life is 360 degrees brAH”

  • Guns And Alcohol – Using Guns To Make Texas Tea

    Demolition Ranch links up with a drinking bro for an elaborate shooting video: Cool, I like the creativity.  Sounds like a hell of a drink too.

  • Operating An AK-47

    Demolition Ranch teaches us everything we need to know: haha nice work. All very true.  Nice how it touched on the derp scan for a while in the video.  You definitely can’t operate without high-speed derp scanning (and obviously not actually seeing anything). I really wish more YouTubers made funny vids like this more often…

  • Dude Perfect Does Firearm Trick Shots

    Bros gonna bro: Was it purely coincidental that Demolition Ranch did his own Dude Perfect style video a few days ago?  I’m guessing yes, since these things obviously don’t happen over night plus Dude Perfect even managed to get Rainbow Six sponsorship. 2:13 – No ENDO stickers on his gun case… very sus. :P Ty is…

  • Bullet Proof Paper – We Call That Reaming Up

    Reams on reams on reams on reams: Why not right?  Demolition Ranch always doing it for the people like he’s doing it for TV. 2:09 – LOL the tied up Barrett .50… Amazing. I like Demolition Ranch because his videos always have a pretty quick pace to them, and he does unique stuff.