Zero The Tactical Italian Stallion’s Operational Loadout

Now with 5.11 sponsorship:

Instructor-Zerohaha I really expected nothing less from Zero.  LOL two massive 5.11 duffle bags near as tall as him all filled with 5.11 stuff…. riiiiiiight what a coincidence since they sponsor the video.  Dudes be like “WANT IT ALLLLLLLLLLL”.

Thoughts? Is ZERO wearing on you?


21 responses to “Zero The Tactical Italian Stallion’s Operational Loadout”

  1. Did you see how low his chest plate was sagging?

  2. Fucking ree-damn-dick-ulous.

    What the hell is up with all these tactical luggage sets? Is this the new zombie craze?

  3. Good thing he was in full kit and had the Operator “out of breath” speech pattern like he just ran a full operation. To show us some bags he got.

    I especially liked the two MBUS sights on his rifle. With BOTH sights in front of the optic.

    How DA FUQ are you supposed to use the rear sight at all?

    More and more he’s looking like a kid with toys and less and less like any sort of person to be taken seriously.

  4. Buccaneer_9 Avatar

    I’d rather him speak Italian & just read subtitles. His English is so terribad.

    1. Audacia77 Avatar

      He was speaking English?!

  5. I muted that and gained just as much as if I had it on…

    I am curious what that kind of case was at about 1:15 in there. Shown open about 1:09.

  6. Zachary Avatar

    Every time I hear him speak, I get really anxious for him to get to the point and shut up. Funkertactical used to be pretty cool, but its like they saw a dynamic pie concepts video, and decided to take it seriously

  7. I love 5.11 “Tahtichal”, but not THAT much… granted they don’t sponsor me.
    And like Ross said, the hell is wrong with his rifle setups? Was that a side grip at 1:06? And I never, ever, ever operate with anything less than three identical Glocks. EVER.
    I laughed, and cringed, and hoped in vain for subtitles, but other than that I will never get those two minutes back. I could have used them to go get a snack refill to keep reading this blog.

  8. Smooth Operator Avatar
    Smooth Operator

    I feel I am being trolled every time I listen to or think about what this actually saying.

    He is a very good shooter which I give him credit for. But I feel this video, the joystick video, his soundtrack video, the emergency hearing protection video, plus many more combined with his accent are all a clever mockery of the youtubegunstar operator persona; as only a mean for him to become popular and flaunt his outstanding shooting skills.

    If he is serious about all his shit I do not respect him. If he is just fucking around and playing into his wacky operator persona to get the best of those who take him seriously, then I would respect him. Right now I can’t tell.

    1. Smooth Operator Avatar
      Smooth Operator

      How can anyone believe this man is serious? He is advising putting chewing gum, cigarette filters, live or empty rounds into the ear canal, and shooting gangster style with your shoulder covering your ear in emergency operator situations.

      1. Hmm you have a point… I myself have used empty .223 brass as hearing protection once, but I was not operating on operations. At all.
        If he’s trolling, he effectively trolled 5.11 so hard they gave him one of everything… I can’t wait until he shows up in a tactical kilt.

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          How amazing would it be if he one day made a video where he switched his accent off like FPS Russia? haha

  9. When I thought I couldn’t hate 5.11 more…

  10. My question is : @ 1:05, how does he close the damn case, with the “chainsaw-style” foregrip mounted sideways?

    Now I’m going… huh, on the field… for… operating.

  11. I always believed that this whole instructor Zero thing is a nice parody but recently people seem to think this is for real. Am I missing something? Can he be so bad at being serious that he’s a good parody of himself?

    1. You got a point. Maybe this is the shooting sports’ Spinal Tap.

  12. kingof9x Avatar

    why does he have two open carry holsters on the same side? I want to see him draw and dual wield from that setup.

  13. Bravo instruktor sei grande.

  14. Is he still using the TFO sight’s? Most highly over rated sight’s on the market. He said on his page that most of the equipment wasn’t his, otherwise he could have been running different sight’s.

  15. Reason for gear bags: Deploy once and you’ll figure that out. Sights in front of his EOtech: you guys must not know that you can see straight through an EOtech? I’m not saying some of his gear/setups are dumb, but I can tell some of you guys are nothing more than weekend warriors or average joes who don’t really understand some of the gear