Stop Domestic Violence Against the Wrong Girl in Everytown

You saw the original video yesterday on here:

I titled the post 911 Help My Ex Is Trying To Break In And I’m Defenseless for a good reason.  Thankfully someone with some mashup skills shows what should have happened by combining it with a Glock promo video at the time when the door got kicked in:

Glock-R-Lee-Ermey-GirlfriendYea that’s more like it!

Thanks Everytown for making up such a convincing ad which will drive people to want to own a gun.

Thoughts? Note: Apparently there was a better version up yesterday but it got flagged then removed :(

Hat tip: Dawud


4 responses to “Stop Domestic Violence Against the Wrong Girl in Everytown”

  1. I wanna see the better version that was removed…but regardless it’s on point.

  2. Even the ladies of “The View” didn’t buy this BULLSHIT! –

    1. FarmerJoe Avatar

      I take back 10% of the bad things I’ve said about The View the last few years.

    2. FarmerJoe Avatar

      Oh, and Glock Girl still rocks.