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  • Another Stop Gun Control Against Women Ad

    This is how it would go down: The scream and bad acting made it corny, but you get the point.  Shout-out to junior for rocking the ill throwback Ninja Turtles T. This is another parody of the Everytown For Gun Safety video I posted a couple days ago.

  • Stop Domestic Violence Against the Wrong Girl in Everytown

    You saw the original video yesterday on here: I titled the post 911 Help My Ex Is Trying To Break In And I’m Defenseless for a good reason.  Thankfully someone with some mashup skills shows what should have happened by combining it with a Glock promo video at the time when the door got kicked…

  • Domestic Violence And Gun Violence

    AmidstTheNoise with another NRA news vid: ACK I wish I could turn that background music off!  Interesting that 60% of the 56 mass shooting studied involved or started as domestic violence. 15.5 Million children witnessed or have been the victims of domestic violence.  Ban domestic violence! (For real… if that only work work.)  Too bad…