Tap Rack Bang iPhone App

This doesn’t only simulate failure, it IS an actual failure:

There are just some things not conducive to the “app” experience, and this is one of them.  Awkwardly holding the phone like a gun, sliding the index finger across the smooth screen where the picture of the trigger is, banging the awkward grip against your support hand, then grabbing the top of the smooth screen where the slide is to “rack” it just looks (and is) dumb.  The TAP – RACK – BANG action is about action / muscle memory, and people practice it by loading primerless rounds or snap caps etc… into mags to simulate failure.

Here are a couple of screenshots so you can visualize the genius better:



Good choice on using an HK selector switch for selecting right or left handed screen functionality.  Makes a lot of sense.  OHHHHH SHIT GLOCK 18 mode.  Don’t try that unless you’re an expert.

Honestly if this app wasn’t free of charge, I’d say you’re better off practicing tap-rack-bang on a potato or a limp piece of asparagus.  Yea maybe I’m just bitter there isn’t an Android version.


Hat tip: Matt


2 responses to “Tap Rack Bang iPhone App”

  1. Jayson Avatar

    If there’s no Android version , it’s not a real app. android is for operators and hackers. iphone is either a corporate decision forced down your throat, or you carry a pocket dog.

  2. Thanks for the feedback! We’re able to actually try the app to experience it? We created this app with many of thousands of rounds down the pipe and got the best experience you can on an iphone. There obviously is no replacing live round and snap cap training but if you are bored at home, this is a great option. The android version will be out in a week or so. The reason it isn’t out is because the sizes of different screens don’t feel the same when holding an iphone like any handgun and getting the trigger reset mechanics down on android had been tricky.

    Another other suggestions you have would be great! I’ll see about putting them in v2.0