Costa’s HIV Satchel Now Full Blown AIDS And Needs To Go

Remember this?


Yea that’s Chris Costa’s HIV(E) satchel which I made tons of fun of for its obvious derpyness, then he released it in an even flashier version which I made more fun of.  I even speculated at one point that someone was on board at Blue Force Gear doing a masters thesis on shark jumping when they released even more ridiculous color combos.

Well you can imagine my shock when this email started coming through from people:


The above is a pic, so if you want to follow the actual link to the “last call” page click here.  OH LAWWWWWWD only the $50 tier is available now!  Looks like someone thought $5 to $40 was a good price to spend on a halloween costume or a gag gift for a tactical friend.

Well at least Costa seems to be learning from his mistakes somewhat.


Hat tip: Beau, Rush, Pierre,


11 responses to “Costa’s HIV Satchel Now Full Blown AIDS And Needs To Go”

  1. Zachary Avatar

    For 40 bucks id pick up a grey/ black one for the hell of it, but orange/ desert camouflage? S’ tarded

    1. Zachary Avatar

      Another point, once they actually make REAL covert bags, they will make money, but why spend over $50 on a case that cant do anything better than a tennis Raquete bag?

    2. Yup…not touching the desert one with a ten foot pole

  2. I bought a pistol bayonet because it was marked down to $2. Actually, I bought 5 because my friend said “the shipping charge is more than the purchase”.

    I gave away 4. No one has been able to put a bayonet on their pistol without smiling.

  3. pointblank4445 Avatar

    I asked “what is this fuckery” when BFG teamed up with the “bearded one” for this abortion.

    I’ve used BFG kit since 2006 when I took a chance on a then unknown entity. I’ve seen several fine pieces come and go out of their inventory (discreet rifle case, DAP backpack just to name a few. They played a stupid game, won a stupid prize. Now I hope they get back to making things that are useful.


  4. If the bag is not you style, its not your style. Its not all that bad to me….even the orange/camo one. As long as its sturdy and will hold up to some abuse.

  5. mitori Avatar

    I’d like to see the list of stuff that Costa rejected putting his name on. It must be a short and terrifying list.

    1. pointblank4445 Avatar

      LOL ^this.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      LOL yea no kidding.

    3. Assuming anything was rejected…

  6. jim bob Avatar

    i bought one so i could go as a teenage mutant operator turtle this Halloween.