Walking Dead – Season 5 Trailer

I’m sure this is gripping:

The-Walking-Dead-Zombies-Maglite-Flashlight-Handgun-Silencer-SuppressorI’m almost a full season behind because I injured my eye by rolling it watching season 4. I didn’t watch this trailer because I don’t want to spoil the suspense, but I hear people are excited about season 5. You can watch the trailer at your own risk and form your own opinion.


5 responses to “Walking Dead – Season 5 Trailer”

  1. please..please be the last season.

    1. Nathanael S. Avatar
      Nathanael S.

      It’s shaping up to be. I, for one, will not miss the insta-headshots and typical Hollywood “Full-autos” everywhere. I gotta say, though, I’m disappointed that Rick didn’t have his suppressed revolver anymore. Missed that guy in all its realistic glory.

      1. Logezzzzzbro Avatar

        Started shooting after watching this show and only now fully realize how dumb the one handed handgun headshots at 20 feet in a stressful situation are. Just point and shoot! It’s like Counter Strike!

  2. This show has sucked since day 1. The real characters and interesting story were replaced with drama, soap-esque love triangles, shitty/neutered/water-down versions of each character and screwy/slow/over complex plot.

    The botched execution in the show reminds me of: http://southparkstudios.mtvnimages.com/images/shows/south-park/clip-thumbnails/season-5/0508/south-park-s05e08c13-bad-clones-16×9.jpg?

    A merciful person would put this show out of it’s misery.

  3. hydepark Avatar

    Def think the haters here are in the minority. I for one really like the show and zombies in general. My buddy in Nebraska says there is a bar in his neighborhood that shows each new episode (and sometimes the reruns) on all the big screens. And just like when we used to watch LOST, you best be the fuck quiet when shit is going down or you’ll get shushed.