Tactical Snookie x KC Eusebio x Tori Nonaka – Safety Rules

From Glock:

Mashed-Potato-Glock-Torture-TestI like how Glock promotes safety without being too preachy about it.  They put out the same type of video with the Gunny not to long ago too.

The homie Mattv2099’s Mashed Potato Glock trollture test pic to the left.  History… make sure your children know the name Mattv2099 whenever Glocks are spoken of.


6 responses to “Tactical Snookie x KC Eusebio x Tori Nonaka – Safety Rules”

  1. lol, viscusi is not happy about being on film..or didn’t get multiple takes for the shot or something.

  2. cardsfanbj Avatar

    LOL, Michelle Viscusi is “Tactical Snooki”?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahaha yea!

  3. She should have done it like this:

  4. SittingDown Avatar

    Since when did Timothy DeLaGhetto sign up with Glock?

    1. Maybe it was part of the settlement agreement?