MrColionNoir The Tactical Lothario


A story about gun pride and how not all the women he tries to seduce are down with 2A:

She pointed and asked, “What is that?” I told her I liked to shoot and did it often, and that it was a picture of some of the guns I had. I swear, I would have been better off with a naked picture of Bill Clinton in my phone: She essentially freaked and looked at me like I was a leper who abducted kids from Chuck E. Cheese’s on the weekend.

The full story is over on NRA Sharp, make sure to check it out.  Very easy to relate to.

ENDO Apparel even got a shoutout at the end of the article!  It’s always nice to see that type of thing.  The article didn’t mention it, but wearing ENDO Apparel has been known to increase success with women by 83.34%… that’s science.



11 responses to “MrColionNoir The Tactical Lothario”

  1. Cameron Avatar

    Why do people have random pictures of their guns on their phones?

    1. TheBear Avatar

      Lots of people do – especially people like me who don’t have a separate camera.

  2. jim bob Avatar

    i didn’t cotton to his repeated references that he “paid” for the champagne (sparkling wine) she was drinking as if she owed him a hummer (not the truck) or something.

    you aren’t going to meet or meat quality girls in dance emporiums and should just play whatever game they need to put it in them.

    my takeaway: stay away from basic bitches and don’t patronize clubs that attract them.

    1. I made a similar comment on his FB page. You aren’t going to find tolerance or intellect in a Los Angeles nightclub. LA people are leftist and vapid enough, and then when you get into the nightlife scene, you are at the heart of champagne socialism. I work in the industry (though not in LA) and it’s quite epidemic throughout.

      Guns are fine as long as they are in video games or movies, but the minute you mention you own a few, all hell breaks loose. The interesting thing though is a lot of the operational staff of the nightclubs I’ve dealt with, are the polar opposite. A lot of the bartenders and security people are avid shooters and collectors.

      1. Regulus Avatar

        x2 on the above and the above of your reply. There’s different terrains and mindsets for “sport fucking” as I like to call it.

        1: The James Bond approach: Deals with classy women lib or not. You act like a gentleman on the outside telling them what they want to hear. But in the inside all you want is to get them in bed and not talk to them the next day.

        2: The Dirtbag and everything else apprach: Deals with Trashy sluts and gutter bitches. With this approach you are usually drunk or working on getting drunk or just have the demons that night and your on the prowl for anything with the herp or not. SO who cares if you have a pic of a gun on your phone or a tranny getting double penetrated!

        1. Regulus Avatar


  3. 83.34% ….. I am not doubting your numebs. But is that an upward or downward trend?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      It fluctuates a percentage point or two here and there. ;)

  4. AH AH AH the 83% statistics !
    Did you know that 83% of statistics are actually made-up for proving a point?
    Don’t believe me? Check it on
    Website doesn’t exist? Then how do I have the commemorative t-shirt for running their semi-marathon?
    Ka-boom !

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahah nice

  5. Big Blue Avatar
    Big Blue

    Guy kinda seems like an asshole. He bought her a drink, so she owes him something?

    And really what do you expect, that’s not the kind of topic you bring up on a first date much less when trying to hookup at a bar. May as well discuss abortion, religion, and the death penalty while you’re at it.