Human Blood To Bring Out Wood Grain

Joerg Sprave bleeds for his craft:

Joerg-Sprave0:33 – Can you imagine if someone who was implicated in a shooting, used their own blood to “bring the grain out” of their rifle stock or 1911 grips?  All they would need is “infidel”, an anti-government motto, and maybe “I don’t call 911” carved into it, and they’d be the prosecution’s favorite person EVAAAAAhhh.



11 responses to “Human Blood To Bring Out Wood Grain”

  1. My kind of lunatic!

  2. dogxhead Avatar

    aaaand he lost it…

  3. derpmaster Avatar

    I generally finish my woodworking with the blood of my enemies. It’s gotta be fresh, though.

  4. solomon Avatar

    that is idiotic. his woodwork just became a bio-hazard. they do make a substance called wood stain in a variety of colors that can achieve the same thing without the disgusting display of paganism.

    1. TheBear Avatar

      Do you really believe this is a bio hazard? If so, please go back to school.

    2. Anti-paganite!

  5. He should have used goats blood.

  6. Todd S Avatar

    Maybe blood of the infidel… never mind, he got that.

  7. Big blue Avatar
    Big blue

    Same deal for folks with punisher logos on their guns. That’ll go over well at trial.

  8. WTF?

  9. I’m just hoping he isn’t going to try other bodily fluids too.