Gun Sight Picture Fundamentals

FateOfDestinee delivers to visual and auditory learners alike:

Fate-Of-Destinee-ENDOThis is easy to watch because of the whiteboard.  Really creative way to teach something like this, especially to new shooters.


12 responses to “Gun Sight Picture Fundamentals”

  1. I just can’t.

  2. What the hell is it with YouTube and recording drawing pictures while narrating?

  3. Doyletoo Avatar

    Nicely done considering the audience, IMHO.
    A good follow up maybe would be to show the sight
    Pictures in use correctly and the results of each.

  4. Watched half of it got every fucking thing wrong, how in the hell can you do that?

    1. LOL

  5. She looks better blonde.

    She must be playing a lot of that draw sumthin.

  6. One of the better uses of the whiteboard on a YouTube video. Works very well given the topic.

    Not sure she looks better blonde, but I didn’t find myself wondering if she’s related to Quentin Tarantino while watching this one.

  7. All anyone cares about is that she’s female or the whiteboard. The content sucks so bad it would be hard to be more wrong. Just goes to prove, put an average looking female in front of a bunch of guys and they will like the hell out the video.

    1. wry762 Avatar

      So… what was wrong in the content?

      1. Incorrect example of a 6 oclock sight picture to start with but she has tits so all is forgiven in youtube land.

  8. TheBear Avatar

    I think this is a pretty good vid and it’s instructional vids like this where FoD shines.