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  • Gun Sight Picture Fundamentals

    FateOfDestinee delivers to visual and auditory learners alike: This is easy to watch because of the whiteboard.  Really creative way to teach something like this, especially to new shooters.

  • Shooting Fundamentals Hottie

    First up, Aiming.  In the screenshot of the video she’s saying “Sorry I can’t hear you over the sound of how hot I am”: This one is on eye relief: In case you didn’t already know Kirsten Weiss is kinda a big deal.  Check the Lapua Team USA website for her accomplishments. I wonder if she…

  • Why The Taliban Suck At Shooting

    Data showed that while the Taliban can be canny and brave in combat their rifle fire is often remarkably ineffective. The factors at play: Limited knowledge of marksmanship fundamentals A frequent reliance on automatic fire from assault rifles The poor condition of many of those rifles Old and mismatched ammunition that is also in poor…