Tag: Fate Of Destinee

  • Gun Sight Picture Fundamentals

    FateOfDestinee delivers to visual and auditory learners alike: This is easy to watch because of the whiteboard.  Really creative way to teach something like this, especially to new shooters.

  • Responses To Jim Carrey’s Song And Cold Dead Career

    MrColionNoir: FateOfDestinee: Both great responses.  Both take the Jim Carrey a bit more serious than I do (see the song here if you haven’t), but that’s alright.  Both are also wearing ENDO shirts which by now you should also have in steady rotation if you love America and guns. Thoughts?

  • Quick Hits On Piers Morgan

    A new series the lovely FateOfDestinee is doing: 39 seconds was kind of short… but it guess it was true to the name “Quick hits”.  I’d like to see her go on a bit more of a rant in a future quick hit and really stick it to the recipient. Destinee is wearing the 5.56x45mm t-shirt…

  • SIRT Dry Fire Training Pistol

    Fate Of Destinee takes a look: Normally I don’t post reviews, or in general things I can’t make fun of, but as you know I DO like ENDO Apparel appearances.  In this particular video she’s making the AR-15 Picatinny Rail t-shirt look its best.  I will comment that the SIRT does look like a good…