1911 Cocked And Locked

Condition 1 because YOLO.  You’re not smarter than JMB:

This video is like a case for carrying Glock instead amirite guys? :P  If not, Keep Calm And Carry One.

Such an awesome design still today.


Hat tip: Weerd


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  1. 1911!

    Because, YOLO.

  2. I started out with a Colt Commander 1911 for my first pistol. I then tried several others as well, and you know what I ended up sticking with a Glock 17. I use to be a Glock hater, not as bad as most people, but I was staunch .45 ACP guy. After owning and shooting multiple different pistols of various calibers, I came to love Glock. When I use to hate it, I had never really gave it a chance. I still have that 1911 and it’s great gun, but I leave with my father since he loves it so much.

    1. None of that shiz ever happened; stop lying, yeager.

  3. Regulus Avatar

    Amen. My fav pistol!

  4. Andy Wolf Avatar
    Andy Wolf

    I was a rabid 1911 fanboy, generally surrounded by an entourage of likewise-thinking rednecks.
    Then, I left the service and realized there was more out there than a Beretta 92 and Sig M11 as far as modern pistols. In my next job, I was assigned two Glocks- the 19 and 26. I fell in love.

    Nowadays, I carry a G23 via the clipdraw system, in condition one. Contrary to popular belief about the system, I’ve never once had an issue.

    I don’t even think I own a 1911 anymore. I might, someday, but it is more just a hobbygun in these times. 7-8 rounds isn’t enough in the 21st century.

  5. Bilbo baggins Avatar
    Bilbo baggins

    Bro do u even Glock?

  6. Buck Fitches Avatar
    Buck Fitches

    Love my Para 14/45
    Heavy as hell but if I ever run out of bullets I can use it as a club.

  7. HouHef45 Avatar

    Glock 21. Full sized 45 with 13 rounds, no need to worry about a frikkin hammer and dependable.

  8. The 1911 was my first pistol and I EDC’ed that steel beast in that condition. Nowadays? G19.

  9. Well, that is not how the US Army, US Marines, and US Navy trained their members to carry the 1911. The 1911 was carried with the hammer down in a full flap holster that could not be closed with the hammer cocked.

  10. Rusty Shackleford Avatar
    Rusty Shackleford

    Supposedly the Military requested a manual thumb safety even though JMB felt the grip safety was plenty.