Guns In The Hands Of Kids Over Video Game Controllers

NRA News x Natalie Foster:

0:40 – “Obviously I’m only talking about kids that are physically and mentally healthy.” … hmmm so like not handicapped kids? Or am I misunderstanding?  What does physical health have to do with shooting a gun while under adult supervision?

Girls-Guide-To-Guns-Natalie-FosterI don’t know… as much as I’d like to see kids being raised not to be afraid of guns and respect them more; if you’re talking about a replacement for video games I think more physical activity would be a better choice, with recreational shooting on the side.

1:49 – Fitness?  Are these kids she’s talking about, supposed to be doing IDPA now?  Sitting on a bench shooting a rifle, then walking down to your target is hardly rigorous exercise.



9 responses to “Guns In The Hands Of Kids Over Video Game Controllers”

  1. Daniel Avatar

    I disagree with several premises:

    * Video games discourage parent-child interaction, while using guns encourages it

    Bull-pucky. I play video games with my kids all the time, and I know parents that do the same. I also know parents that won’t play video games with their kids because it’s “kid stuff.” I know parents that are not involved with their kid’s use of guns, and other parents that are heavily involved with their kid’s use of guns. The common factor here is the parent’s willingness to be involved with the children’s activities, video games vs. guns is irrelevant.

    * Children’s view of reality is blurred by video games.

    This makes me cringe. Maybe mentally unstable kids. Kids may be inexperienced, but they aren’t stupid, they know the difference between fantasy and reality by the time they are of the age to handle a gun. This is the same old saw that has been trotted out for years by people that don’t know anything about video games and their effect on children. It’s been proven time and again there is no causal relationship between video-game violence and violence IRL.

    * “Kids of the gun” are more physically and mentally connected, more fit, more disciplined.

    Citations please. My own experience is that involvement with firearms guarantees none of these things.

    I like Foster’s videos for the most part, but this one is terrible.

    1. Tom B. Avatar

      Same shit that people who are against guns pitch. Video games are violent, stop playing them. I’ve liked most of these that the NRA puts out, but this one big thumbs down.

  2. Karina Avatar

    Typical reason why I still dislike the NRA: They shit on video games to prove their otherwise correct point. Kids do need to go out more, shoot more, be trained more, and generally have some form of marksmanship skill, if not a passion for it.

    Sad thing that NRA logic is still horribly outdated. I’ll be over there supporting the GOA instead.

    1. TheBear Avatar


      And I am starting to get tired of the NRA commentators. Now that they are straying out of pro 2nd amendment stuff and into their stupid ass opinions about everything else, they’ve overstayed their welcome.

  3. Heavy Avatar

    Unwatchable drivel.

  4. Logan Avatar

    Since when has the media given love to gamers? They’re the ones preaching that violent videogames are the reason why bad people do bad things with guns. One of many outrageous claims this lady made.

    This video is yet more support towards my feelings of disdain towards anti-gunners AND PRO-gunners at times.

  5. Drifter Avatar

    In reference to your first point, I have a disabled niece, who will absolutely be my shooting buddy when she gets a bit older.

  6. Rusty Shackleford Avatar
    Rusty Shackleford

    While the whole “violent video games make people more violent is total Bull$hit”, the aspect of Killology is interesting. During WWII, the US Army found that the hit rate was very small and many soldiers purposely aimed to not hit the enemy. When the Army switch the practice targets from bullseye to human silhouette, the hit percentage increased drastically. Another study within the last decade showed that soldiers who played FPS games had an even higher hit rate.

  7. Quint Young Avatar
    Quint Young

    Call of Duty and other first person shooters are a natural evolution of human sparring. Dogs and puppies play fight just like human’s it’s a dominance thing. First came pugilism, then boxing, then fencing, then things like paintball and airosft, now it’s all virtual but it’s the same sport/excercise, people are not becoming more violent, it’s just easier and even less dangerous to engage in these new forms of simulated fighting.