Larry Vickers Is Important And Famous – Watch His First Episode

The LAV and the Ma Deuce:

0:22 – “I repeat the LAV is on the way to the range”.  Haha good start… you just know Larry was like “we have to call me the LAV in the script at least once, preferably at the beginning”.  Subtle LAV scrawled on the ear pro at 3:08 too.

0:42 – Ohio Ordnance Works AHHAHHAHA their logo is like a struggle copy of Springfield Armory.  How is this even legal?


That M2 is a beauty wow.

Larry-Vickers-Louis-Vuitton-ParodyOk I have to give Larry some credit, this first episode was awesome.   Slow motion is really on point, so many great shots!



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  1. So Springfield has trademark registrations on various forms of that logo. Strangely, it’s trademark applications for those logos were only filed in the last couple years. A couple assert that it began using that logo as early as sept 1998. So I’m guessing OOW began using their own logo some time ago and actually has some senior user rights relative to Springfield….? Who knows…

  2. JoeDeke Avatar

    Is anyone still excited and/or surprised when something ‘splodes at the end?

    Also, why no Vickers Tactical logo on the car?

  3. IllTemperedCur Avatar

    Repeat? On the radio?


    Proper mil radio procedure mandates the use of “I say again”. “Repeat” is used in reference to arty/mortar fire missions, specifically a request for a repeat fire mission, same coordinates, same rounds.

    1. I thought the “repeat” was not used when in joint operations with Allied (mainly UK), in order not to be confused with the artillery “fire again on same coordinates” order. I don’t know if this is still a problem for US-US operations… Does US artillery use this “repeat” command?

    1. Ah. Perfect. I wondered if it had some significance prior like use on a flag or something. This makes sense. Thanks.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Good call but Springfield Armory has been around since 1778, so I’d still say they have precedence over that derpy new logo.

      1. Brent Avatar

        The Springfield Armory company we all know is completely unrelated to the actual government Springfield Armory that you are referencing.

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          Oh really? Damn I always just assumed it was a derivative of the original Springfield Armory! I feel dumb now.

          1. Right, plus, Springfield itself said in its own TM app that it had only been using those logos since the late 90s. If there is another logo that was similar and they stopped using it, then maybe they used generally the cannon and circle logo prior to this, but I found no records.

            These new Springfield folks are just enterprising phonies…. They’ll probably start a blog called “most days, a few days off here and there, especially when traveling or the weather is real nice or my yacht goes out of Internet posting range.” That logo will be an M1A safety selector over a weaver mount base.

            1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

              LOL at the Springfield blog / logo.

          2. pointblank4445 Avatar

            As a gun blogger who throws a lot of stones, you should.

  4. MrMaigo Avatar

    They were getting close to the top of the backstop when they were chewing up that wall.
    Also, wtf, that video was NOT cheap to make.

  5. Dang that car windshield ejecting in one piece…
    Haha I wear that same hat, must be just as operationally important as Larry himself…

  6. lolinski Avatar

    With that much armor he is a MBT and not a LAV.

    Even though I did make a fat joke (it is obligatory for us Europeans to do that regarding Americans) I really did like the vid.

    Note if Larry is reading this: Making up your own nickname does make you seem like a douche. Also referring to yourself in third person with your nickname makes you seem douche-y. Nothing against you.

  7. jpcmt Avatar

    Grrrrr…tired of the aging hipster that uses the word “baby” while wearing a goatee. Just embrace the age and lack of style dude. Otherwise, looks like he’s seen the coin Richard Ryan and FPS Russia make and he wants his too. Oh goodie.

  8. Jordanvraptor Avatar

    M249 says “Get to cover.”
    M240 says “Stay behind cover.”
    M2 says “Fuck you and your cover.”

    Loved shooting the M2, reassembly, not so much… :)

  9. “The Ordnance Corps has a proud tradition dating back to colonial America when Samuel Sharpe was appointed as Master Gunner of Ordnance in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1629.”

    I think they have first dibs…

    Dann in Ohio

  10. The Louis Vuitton Larry Vickers logo is priceless Mike LOLOLOLOLOL

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha thanks!

  11. Sendarius Avatar

    So, that’s a NEW M2 – which can’t be sold to non-LEO/military, right?

    So what exactly was the point of this video? Other than blowing up stuff – blowing up stuff is always good.

  12. Did anyone else see the one guy on the right of the screen when the second explosion took place. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot…I say again…