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  • Restoring A Colt Government 1911 A1

    1911 bois: Actually I guess it’s a “blank gun” according to the start of the vid.  This type of video is so relaxing.

  • Cabot Guns Baller Monthly Gun Club

    The Collector talks about his collection of Cabots: Cabot makes some very nice looking guns.  The one thing that has always bothered me about the company though is the low end stencil looking type logo, and the bad looking “dual wield” logo that they put on everything.  Also, it should just say “CABOT”.. the “GUNS”…

  • Long 1911

    The longest longboi I’ve ever seen.  A BIG IRON: It’s actually a real custom gun made by Reddit user Suspectgore074, not a photoshop. 🤣💀 How he made it: The short story is three slides, the long story is that it took me two attempts to make this thing. The first slide I made got a…

  • No Country For Old Fudds

    LOL: Holy the larp intro is very accurate.  I don’t know how quickly Administrative Results is gaining followers.. but with high quality hilarious content like he puts out, it has gotta be fast.  140,000 subs right now… I bet he hits 500k in no time. Thoughts?

  • The Stages Of Owning A 1911

    ahhahahha: haha it’s all in good fun fellas.  

  • Squirrel Pelt 1911 Holster

    The 1911 guys are at it again: 😬 big yikes.  I had to hunt down the original post for this… a bunch of people sent it to me but the name was crossed out.  Why would you cross someone’s name out?  They posted it on SOCIAL media.  Gotta give credit where credit is due.  What…