Cabot Guns Baller Monthly Gun Club

The Collector talks about his collection of Cabots:

Cabot makes some very nice looking guns.  The one thing that has always bothered me about the company though is the low end stencil looking type logo, and the bad looking “dual wield” logo that they put on everything.  Also, it should just say “CABOT”.. the “GUNS” is extremely redundant. Sure, it all does the job currently.. it just should look more refined for such a high price point.

The Cabot gun of the month club gets you 12 limited edition 1911s.  The have pics up on the website of the 2020 and 2021 collections.  Beautiful looking as expected.  The subscription model is genius too.  I’m actually surprised more gun manufacturers don’t do something like this.  There are TONS of people out there would would pay the same amount for an insane custom Glock subscription, just for the instagram flex alone.

It’s pretty wild that Cabot only lets 25 people into the gun of the month club.  The collector mentioned there are 2500 people on the waiting list 😮.  That’s a lot of extra money.  I’m sure some manufacturing constraints prevent them from adding that many people though.  Not to mention the fact it would be a lot less exclusive if 2500 people had the guns.

I think my favorite from his collection is the ICON he shows at 6:40.  Really clean looking.

They should really get their act together and buy  Sure it’ll be up there in price (mid to high six figures), but for a company that make the money I think they’re making that’ll be a drop in the bucket for the extra clout it will give their brand.  A lot of company’s make the mistake of thinking they’ll eventually get it because it will come down in price etc..  this rarely happens.  What’s more than likely to happen with that domain name is that one of the other companies with lots of money who call themselves that (unsurprisingly tons do, if you Google) will realize they need it before Cabot guns does, then it’s gone forever.