Three New NRA News Commentators – Still No Gay Or Old Ones

Three new faces to the NRA News Commentators team:

Nikki Turpeaux:

Chris Cheng:

Gabby Franco:

bruno-gayMore diversification.  Still, I feel like there are two groups that are being grossly under represented.  The first being old geezers.  Really old people generally don’t own computers, or if they do they have no idea how to use them so I guess that demographic isn’t worth going after online when they naturally prefer to get their gun information delivered in hard copy form directly to their house by horse.  The second group that the NRA isn’t representing, is the gay community.  How awesome would that be if some enthusiastic pro-gun flamboyantly gay queen in a feather boa and make-up was a commentator?  The sheer amount of jimmies that would rustle could be quantified by the 1000 comments that would appear on his videos every 2 minutes.  Some would denounce the NRA, while others would celebrate its KEEPING IT REAL and willing to take a risk.  NRA even rhymes with GAY, so all the protest signs basically write themselves.

UPDATE: I was informed that Chris Cheng is gay. Keep calm and carry on.



38 responses to “Three New NRA News Commentators – Still No Gay Or Old Ones”

  1. chirs cheng came out last year, he represents the gay community

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Oh for real? Too bad he’s not more flamboyant, I would have never known. I wonder if he’ll spark outrage as is? I’ll have to check the video comments when I get up tomorrow.

      1. Mike likes his beer cold, his TV loud, and his gays fah-laming!

        1. TheBear Avatar

          Endo Mike needs to learn that glitter saved is glitter earned.

          1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

            haha awesome. Noted ;)

        2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          haha so true

      2. You better tune up your gaydar son.

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          Is there a fork for that? Or a whistle maybe?

          1. It involves a tea cup. HEH

  2. He’s one of them homersexials? Rabblerabblerabblerabblerabble. Good for him. The libs will argue that the evil NRA forced him to say that for political gain and that no self-respecting homosexual would be part of the corporate evil bush niner global warming fascist super duper bad NRA. That’s my prediction rather than anyone on our side getting mad about him being a spokesman.

    Come to think of it though, anything you want to tell us, mike? I haven’t seen a single tactical titties video for months (even though she left or some shit), but plenty of tactical tunes and buck Yeager. Mike? Haha.

    1. Hunter57dor Avatar

      Well, having a boyfriend (he does) surely would put those claims to rest.
      I am not sure how much spotlight he wants on his relationship though, that in itself could be stressful.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha just lack of content. Even Buck Yeager hasn’t been coming out with much interesting… too much Bundy Ranch stuff.

      1. Well you’re just lucky buck gave you a pass this time man… Ha. Keep up the good work. I’m just kidding about content.

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          haha so lucky ;) I was holding my breath just hoping he wouldn’t call me out.


    He’s been decently vocal about it the past few months. Probably since around the time he found out about the NRA gig.

  4. I wish Buck Angel would become a NRA News Commentator! Just troll everyone who doesn’t get the inside joke. Even have him grow a goatee like Yeager to see if anyone notices, plus then we would have a transgender gay porn star to really shake things up! –

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      That would be beyond amazing.

  5. ManBeerOwl Avatar

    The idea that a group that protects the natural right to self-defense, that we all have, needs to have someone that looks or acts like me as a paid spokesperson in order to connect their message to me is absurd and a reflection of the uninformed citizenry.

    If you are so weak of character and identity that you need only see a carbon copy of yourself to buy whatever snake oil presented then harden the fuck up.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Agreed. Marketing 101 though… people get on board with it every time.

    2. The issue isn’t quite that; It’s that the NRA, and the community as a whole, needs to overcome the stereotype that we’re just a bunch of old, fat, racist, white dudes.

      In other words, this is simply about overcoming the slanderous/libelous lies of the drive-by media: They try to make us sound like the KKK, and the simplest answer is to prove we aren’t.

    3. Always remember that while some of these ads may strike a chord with those of us in the firearms community, they are actually directed at those who are not part of our community. The idea is to disrupt the media driven stereotype of what gun owners look and act like.

    4. Grindstone Avatar

      Kind of an easy thing for a straight white male to say.

  6. Amen, it’s about time the NRA got a little smarter and brought in people other than white guys in suites and old crusty f**kers.

  7. Yep, the libs are onto getting the young generations indoctrinated with their crap (common core) and are not college environments predominantly liberal as well as the whole education system? That’s the target. Those are the ones who’ll make policy for us old gun owners some day soon (already actually). Guns are icky for the 18-40 crowd and we should depend on government for all our food stamps and safety.

    1. Hunter57dor Avatar

      Yeah I am in the 18-25 demographic, thanks for the stereotype.

      what we really need is a more accepting, less gatekeeping gun culture. I cannot being to count the number of times I have been shunned because of my age by some old hat in a gunshop, at the range, etc.

      It isn’t about “converting” anyone to your pro-gun pseudo religion. Its about having a hobby that is fun for everyon to enjoy, no matter where they come from, what they look like, or what color their skin is.

      1. ^^^ This. How on earth would you figure the 18-40 crowd wouldn’t be interested in guns? These are the people who grew up playing Counter-Strike and Call of Duty, and this age group makes up the vast majority of our newest combat veterans.

        I as well am in this age range, although I did not serve. I grew up in a 100% liberal family, and never even touched a pistol or rifle until I was 23. I bought my first gun that year, and 6 years later now own over a dozen. But it wasn’t even close to easy for me, because I had literally no idea what I was doing when I was getting started, and every local gun shop treated me like a moron and a pariah. I know far more about guns than most of them at this point, but I had to dig it all up on the internet and learn from trial and error. If the gun community even pretended like the were interested in bringing in new people (other than just kids), this could go a long way to increasing the ranks.

  8. Bill #2 Avatar

    Wow, they have a gaysian spokesman now.

    Diversity for the win, pity that he will only be seen as the NRA’s token Asian by the idiots.

    If they want to stir people up, find some 90 pound twink with NFA items.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      “find some 90 pound twink with NFA items.” <--- yea this right here. haha

      1. Bill #2 Avatar

        We are a nation of 318 million people, there’s got to be at least one.

  9. gay people look just like the rest of us. It’s wrong to assume they are all flamboyant. Just like its wrong to assume all gun owners are OFWG. Maybe in the 80s you had worry which ear to wear your earring in, but this is 2014.

    Chris Cheng as an NRA commentator is doubly full of win. Breaking down stereotypes about gun owners, and gay people, all at the same time.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I know “not all gay people are flamboyant”, and initially I was disappointed Chris Cheng isn’t because I think it would drive the point home more that literally anyone can own and enjoy guns. You do make an excellent point about breaking down stereotypes though, which in the end is more important. People will find out (just like I did) that Chris is gay, and they will either care or not care…. but most of all hopefully be educated.

      1. Well, I know quite a few gay couples, few are flamboyant these days. My observation is that flamboyant was popular in the eighties and early nineties in some part because people wanted to shock and let people know “it’s my right.” Like open carry of scary black rifles, for sexuality. Not so much anymore, although its true most I know are middle age now. If open carry was well established, would we see confrontational marches? No.

        Saying you want a flamboyant gay person as a spokesman is like an anti-gunner putting a guy in a flannel shirt on the back of a pickup truck with a shotgun trying to relate to gun owners. Remember the MAIG ad last year? My sense is, a flamboyant person would be received like the MAIG commercial: fake.

        That’s my two cents.

        The next frontier is a bronie gun owner. true, I know a lot of them.

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          Good point. Even when I see gay couples walking down the street they just quietly hold hands like everyone else, quietly talk and keep to themselves.

          LOL at that flannel shirt MAIG ad.. yea that was ridiculous.

          haha NRA cosigning the bronie movement.. now THAT I’d like to see.

  10. WTF Endo? Charlton Heston aint old enough for you? Hell I’m old maybe they’ll give me a shot, I can damn sure be controversial.

  11. And Republicans have been pushing blacks to the front and the results have been blacks voted 99% for Obama, just like homosexuals. In any event the 2nd Amendment came this far without homosexuals. Remember when the 2nd Amendment was ratified, homosexuality was illegal. Also remember the right of self-defense is part of the natural law of which homosexuality is not. So, in the end homosexuals have done far more to violate the 2nd Amendment than to support it, just like blacks.

    1. ಠ_ಠ

  12. Ageism? Check.
    Sweeping generalizations? Check.
    Borderline racism and less borderline homophobia? Check.
    Generalizations about food stamps, common core, and durn kids these days? Check.
    Man, the way gun owners like to talk would certainly make you think the 2A movement is strong enough that we don’t need LGBT shooters, younger shooters, or African-American shooters, when clearly we need every voter we can get. Maybe it’s time for gun owners to start policing the loudmouths before we drive away the young blood that’s going to drive this country whenever the Baby Boomers stop being the largest voting block.

    Cordially, a young (under 30) gay sorta-liberal veteran who spent most of his combat pay on NFA items and motorcycles.