We Get it Jerry Miculek You’re Fast

Jerry Miculek stunts on them haters once again in 1080p high definition slow motion:

sammy-davis-jrSo crazy to see the sequence of events in slow motion and the timing when he reloads.

pffft 4.01 seconds… shave that 0.01 off then I’ll be impressed. ;)



5 responses to “We Get it Jerry Miculek You’re Fast”

  1. Jerry is a great guy, same person you see on the camera. He has been working on his revolver technique since at least the late 1970’s that I know of. If anyone deserves the recognition he is getting it’s him. I shot with him way back when they didn’t separate revolvers from autos in competition and many times he would beat all the autos, he was always fast and if he didn’t miss he was almost unbeatable. The extra reload time and the fact he wouldn’t slow down and the wheels would fall off gave us a chance.

  2. 277Volt Avatar

    Even in slo-mo he’s quicker than I am.

  3. Seems like a really nice guy.

  4. Before you click play, check the two bullets in flight within a foot of his muzzle.
    Very clever, Mr. Miculek.

  5. czbeardly Avatar

    He is still a beast.