Somebody Picked The Wrong Taxi – Glock Commercial

Another in a long unimpressive line of Somebody Picked The Wrong ____ commercials:

Here’s an extended version which makes a bit more sense:

What’s with the audio not matching up with the lips?  I’m pretty sure it’s not lag either, they don’t seem to be saying the same thing at all.

That’s definitely R. Lee Ermey’s real life girl and dog.

Glock-R-Lee-Ermey-GirlfriendAs I’ve said before, I’m really not impressed with the current state of Glock marketing.  I have CONFIDENCE they will attain PERFECTION sooner or later though.



10 responses to “Somebody Picked The Wrong Taxi – Glock Commercial”

  1. funnybookz Avatar

    Clifton Collins Jr.!!! LMFAO.

  2. And the Taxi-cop is packing a Glock 42!

  3. Jim Jones Avatar
    Jim Jones

    Good god their ads are terrible. Kids on youtube create some better content than this crap. Their ads have to be made in-house moron that can’t be fired because he’s related to the Glock family, and whose entire department is comprised of yes-men.

  4. Well, hopefully virtual sphincter will be at the NRA show and call their sales rep out on this…. And then scurry off like a little beatch. He really gives it to the glock guys hard…

  5. Shakelford Avatar

    I wonder if their ad budget went to the payout from the 2011 incident.

  6. I think Glock’s advertising money is being diverted to cover up all the “accidental discharge” cases involving Glocks and to payoff the victims to keep them quiet.

    On the other hand, you have to hand it to their marketing dept. for making such a butt ugly, unsafe gun so damn popular.

    1. Andy Wolf Avatar
      Andy Wolf

      There is always one of you people in a crowd, isn’t there?

  7. For me it was disappointing not in it’s ham fisted script but the fact that the taxi driver had to be an undercover cop instead of a responsibly armed citizen.

  8. Jordanvraptor Avatar

    The audio os dubbed in over the original Austrian… :)

  9. VinceF Avatar

    Clifton Collins Jr. affecting a middle eastern accent? That sold me on it the Glock 42.
    Side note: must have that vest.