Pocket .223 From Heizer Defense

Oh Lawwwd this is going to be loud and bright:


Who hasn’t wanted a pocket pistol chambered in .223?  Oh nm… no one was asking for it.  We all want the .50 BMG pocket pistol Heizer is no doubt working on…. only to be trumped by the 20mm one which will follow.

I can’t wait to see a review, with gelatin testing.  I bet it’s unimpressive to the max.

Seriously Heizer… seriously?  This is your website?  *facepalm* get a better one; that shit is embarrassing. I thought GeoCities closed down?


17 responses to “Pocket .223 From Heizer Defense”

  1. I was thinking about having a gun just like that made in 7.62×39 but it would be intended for suppressed/piston cartridges. You know, for science.

    1. Quint Young Avatar
      Quint Young

      That sounds a lot more practical. Even just a basic 7.62×39 cartridge would achieve better performance in such a short barrel.

    2. Someone’s been studying up on their Soviet assassination weapons.

      1. I like me some history

    3. lolinski Avatar

      Or you could make it with a real grip, 8-10 inch barrel and have a good hunting gat. At least some competition against Thompson Contenders.

  2. Yep, Flashbang! I’m betting 90% of the powder in the case will be used to rupture eardrums (fuck ear protection you’ll need to wear nose plugs and keep your jaw clenched to keep the shockwave from blowing your eardrums INTO your ear protection) and burning off your facial hair!

    Costa needs to shoot it to see if the beard will survive!

    The remaining 10% of powder will produce .22 WMR performance but at twice the price!

  3. I want one in .500 S&W! Or a 12 gauge…NO, wait make that a 10 gauge! On a more serious note, I can’t wait to see Mattv2099 make a video with one of these.

  4. Sapper911 Avatar

    Sooooo, now there is a pistol that fires a .223. Didn’t the GOV just ban the importation of 5.45×39 because there is a pistol that fires it? Does this mean that some .223 will meet the same fate?

    1. Hunter57dor Avatar

      I didn’t even think about that fact, oh balls.

      Someone needs to stop this.

      1. There are already AR pistols that shoot .223/5.56. Think I’ve seen a revolver too.

        1. Hunter57dor Avatar

          shhhh the anti’s think those are scary assault sub-guns, not pistols.

  5. How do you you not think this is epic? This + AAC Brakout + AAC Suppressor = Epic

  6. Just NO

  7. “Only one pistol was used and we fired 5,000 rounds in 2.5 days.
    That is more than most guns can survive in a lifetime! That is why we will NOT produce an aluminum firearm. Only Stainless Steel and Titanium will have the Heizer name on it.”

    Um. What guns cant only survive firing 5000 rounds? I’m pretty sure even a Hi Point can function much longer than 5k.

  8. I figured out what Heizers are good for. Being smooth everywhere and made out of tittyianum, surgical stainless, and hypoallergenic latex they are perfect for vaginal carry.

    1. JoeDeke Avatar

      You go first.

  9. Ballistics by the Inch tested Remington UMC 55gr. out of a Bond Arms Texas Ranger with a 3″ barrel, the result was a muzzle velocity of 1114 ft/sec for a muzzle energy of 152 ft. lbs.

    Going by the BBTI testing I’d rather have a Ruger LCP with .380ACP 90gr. Speer Gold Dot running at 168 ft. lbs. with six extra shots once I burn the one in the pipe, unless setting the target on fire is the actual goal of shooting at it.