Silencer Co Makes Cool Silencers Bro

A look at their manufacturing etc…

silencerco-logoYou guys know how I love manufacturing footage.  I’m really not sure what the deal with the voiceover was.  It was like a shitty computer voice with an accent.

haha at the end “… to eventually use a suppressor, once you man up and buy one or move to another state.”


6 responses to “Silencer Co Makes Cool Silencers Bro”

  1. Nothing says “Made in America” like a british voiceover.

    1. James P Avatar

      Yeah what the hell.

  2. Jim Jones Avatar
    Jim Jones

    “Once you man up, or move to another state”

    Man I love your culture.

  3. Jim Jones Avatar
    Jim Jones

    And by your, I meant “our.” Stupid tiny keyboards.

  4. Lovin’ that HK action at the end.

  5. Taylor Avatar

    The voice over was used to spoof the Discovery Channel show How It’s Made