Sergeant Pugsley Sniper Pug Derp

haha pugs are so derpy, I love it.  The tongue unknowingly sticking out is so textbook.

Nutnfancy-Googly-Eyes-Herp-DerpThe gun handling, sound, loadouts, and muzzle flashes are atrocious… All in all not a great video.



4 responses to “Sergeant Pugsley Sniper Pug Derp”

  1. Blazing Zero Avatar
    Blazing Zero

    That was the dumbest thing ive seen this week….and i kinda enjoyed it.

  2. DoubleTap Avatar

    Pug pug pug pug pug !!!!!

  3. That was hilarious. The muzzle flashes don’t really look any different that Freddie Wong so whats with the hate?

  4. Overtshot Avatar

    I lost it at Captain Squeakers. I peeked at their YouTube page and found another video they did poking fun at hand gestures: