Instructor Zero Teaches HSLD Classes

You’ll kick doors, you’ll forward flip, you’ll pop smoke, you’ll slice pies:

Like commenter Overtshot mentioned, it’s like this guy is a Tom Clancy character.

For the first half of the clip it appears he borrowed the town park for the afternoon.   This is where you play with training pistols before graduating to the real thing.

2:18 – Yesssssssss I was hoping there would be tactical forward rolls.  Always a recommended move.  Such a piss off when you roll through dog poo though… ruins my day!

I’m nicknaming the “keep the pistol in your workspace” move the TACTICAL T-REX.  So much of that in the video.

Instructor-ZeroRule #234 – When putting firearms footage up on youtube that features a group of people, always make sure to pixelate at least one face out, just to show how OPSEC AS ____ some of the guys you roll with are.

As a whole, this video isn’t as high speed as the Dark Side Of Firearms Training preview video I posted last week, that’s for sure.

Thoughts?  Would Train with Instructor Zero?


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  1. Soon to be seen worn by airsofters everywhere: UH60 Blackhawk hats.

    1. About as close to commando as most of you get is sleeping with a guy with no underwear

  2. I’m holding out for Instructor -1 to train with! Although this guys training methods seems at times odd or over the top, I would rather train with him than Yeager. I doubt he threatens anyone who disagrees with him, and is concerned about his haters like Yeager is. Zero is definitely HSLD –

  3. obreyski Avatar

    You can see the pixelated guy’s face more than once in the video. 2:32 for example.

    1. fenwig Avatar

      Why is the pixelated guy getting instruction on basic handgun reloads?

  4. MEASLEY Avatar


  5. Skip11B Avatar

    Does anyone know this dudes background? Or is he like that tattooed dude? no .mil no LE background…just out training people for “combat”!

    They both look like good shooters and seem to know their shit, but…

    1. Yeah, exactly. It’s probably fun training, but to be taken with a grain of salt like many of these “schools”. I’d like to see this guy with a big ass ruck on, 72 hours no sleep, and shitty weather outside. Oh and comms aren’t working lol….

      1. irrelevantname Avatar

        If I remember correctly, this guy has many years with Italian Special Operations and actively teaches many NATO special operations troops.

        1. Hi; Sorry if I correct you but the guy has 0 time in any military unit. Not sure where you get your informations from. I did some research, got his real name and who he trained with. I would not pay a dime to attend his classes. That is just my opinion; “buyer beware”.

          1. alessa Avatar

            Hi do you realy think they would put any info about him on internet?? i was in special unit and not even my dad know what i did ok so shot a fuck up

            1. alessa's dad Avatar
              alessa’s dad

              alessa get your ass back to bed you little shyte, I know all about your weekend airsoft wannabe BS now you’re gonna get BEAT!

          2. You are partially right about this guy but what really is interesting in his courses is all the experience he earned teaching police and special force over the world.
            When he teaches some basics, he add his personnal touch witch allows you to open your mind on other counter-terrorism methods, cqb…
            At the end, you will not be a really better shooter, but for sure you will be more able to respond to any situation in any place (in and out, ship, forest…)
            The french navy commando sentence is “make it another way” that’s exactly what I-Z teaches.

      2. Amen, brother.. My thought exactly

  6. I guess there is actual “training” footage, and some staged scenes, to add thrill to the video, which is a legit means to do marketing… (like showing boobs, statistics, or boobs-related statistics -for plastic surgeons).

    The only thing that makes me doubt is at 1:57, when he stresses “ALWAYS” patrol like this or this… Right, but what do you do when you can’t? Is there an “always” when in a SHTF situation? Can you be so adamant?
    Maybe I am wrong, after all I’m just a TIER +24, not ex-SF civilian… and as if it wasn’t enough, I’m French… so… shut up, surrender, and wait for this dude to liberate me?

  7. Flips and shit, yo.

  8. >When putting firearms footage up on youtube that features a group of people, always make sure to >pixelate at least one face out

    I like how the guy’s mirror in the thumbnail has a black strip, like it’s been redacted…

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha the redacted mirror. Good catch, probably OPSEC for the secret special ops mirror manufacturer.

  9. I would much rather have this guy on my side than against. And THAT BEARD!

  10. Looking forward to train with you in the U.S. I live in Houston, Texas. Please call me at 832.244.8769.

  11. looking to train with you. 832.244.8769

  12. As an avid shooter with a military and police background, I must commend ZERO on his impressive yet (occasionally) unorthodox training evolutions. I must laugh at those harsh critics who chastise and berate someone, despite the lack of actual knowledge of his actual military and or police background, who provides a vast array of veiwers with knowledge, insight, and the optimism to share his shooting abilities. These videos are not entirely instructional, but more demonstrative in nature. I appreciate his time and efforts regardless.

    Those negative individuals (who are probably niether in the military OR in law enforcement) who lack optimism, and reek of ignorance and stupidity should go back to thier Mommy’s house, play call of duty, and STFU.

  13. Jester Avatar

    I love pie